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HYDERABAD: The spin given by Congress leaders that political consensus was a pre-requisite for according separate Statehood for Telangana is being viewed more as a public taunt to the TRS leadership within the Congress. Observers of the Congress feel that the party's carefully orchestrated criticism against TRS leaders-- K. Chandrasekhara Rao and A.Narendra-- is an indication that the party is finally bracing up to confront them 'with the reality'.

The Congress is trying to convey to the TRS that as long as the UPA Government is dependent on the CPI (M), which does not favour the move, there is no way the Congress can opt for it.

The Congress leaders are emboldened by the failure of the TRS in mobilising any support to its cause, it is being felt. After the recent turmoil in the party, the TRS leadership declared that it was working towards creating a pressure group at the Centre. This effort too has remained a non-starter. The dissidence plaguing the TRS adds to the Congress comfort levels.

Senior Congress MP G.Venkata Swamy was the first to point out that separate Telangana was not possible under the present political dispensation. Hence, as long as the UPA Government was in place, there was no way the TRS dream could be realised, he added at a press conference.

No local issue

APCC president K. Keshava Rao and Minister for Rural Development D. Srinivas are stepping in to repeat the same now. APCC spokespersons-- N. Tulasi Reddy and P.Venkat Rao- too, expressed similar views on Tuesday. Mr. Srinivas, a former PCC chief and signatory to the political MoU signed with the TRS on the Telangana issue before the 2004 Assembly elections, further added that the proposal of second SRC too needed a careful study as Telangana was not a 'local issue' and it would give rise to similar demands elsewhere. On Tuesday, the APCC further advised the TRS not to use "pressure tactics" in this regard and continue its good job of highlighting the Telangana cause peacefully. "The Congress would not buckle under any pressure and the TRS has to wait in this regard," Mr.Venkat Rao and Mr. Tulasi Reddy told the reporters.

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