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Anna University takes serious view of valuation error complaints

CHENNAI: Anna University Vice-Chancellor D.Viswanathan on Sunday said that if a student scored pass marks after revaluation, the examiner who first corrected the script would be debarred from paper correction for five years.

"There have been cases where students had got 25 marks upon 80 and, after revaluation, their marks had gone up to 65. We have received many complaints with regard to valuation," the Vice-Chancellor said.

Mr. Viswanathan made the announcement at the inauguration of an employment-related workshop by Rajalakshmi Engineering College soon after a student said that he had obtained a photocopy of his answer script to apply for revaluation.

"My lecturer told me I deserved to get full marks for an answer, but I was given seven marks less. What is the key that the examiners use," the student asked.

Rajalakshmi Engineering College Principal K. Sarukesi asked whether this decision would not dilute the system by forcing examiners to pass every student. Mr. Viswanathan said that the move was to ensure that "good students did not fail."

Advice to students

He advised students to stay away from cell phones and movies till they completed their course.

"I am not against cell phones but I find that students are wasting their time talking for hours and sending SMS to their friends. This takes away their concentration from studies." P. Mannar Jawahar, Director of the Anna University's Centre for Industry Collaboration, said plans to extend the "dream job" opportunity to self-financing college students were being worked out.

The employment camp, which started on Sunday, will help impart job-oriented skills to students, Rajalakshmi College Chairperson Thangam Meganathan said.

The college raised Rs. 1 lakh as contribution for flood relief work in the state.

The cheque was presented to the Vice-Chancellor on the occasion.

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