HYDERABAD: If you think cinema is the biggest glamour, elections and cricket are way ahead. Proof of it is the long waiting list of the Telugu films to be released in the next two months. Apparently, all these have been scheduled to beat the elections and cricket fever and of course the examinations.

In the next two months, nearly 30 Telugu films are likely to hit the screen and these include films of prominent heroes like Balakrishna, Ravi Teja, Ramcharan and Allu Arjun. Balakrishna’s much awaited film ‘Mitrudu’ and Ravi Teja’s ‘Kick’ are scheduled to be released in the first week of May apart from Siddarth’s ‘Oy’. Other films include Jagapati Babu’s ‘Bangaru Babu’; Surya’s ‘Veedokkade’; Srikanth’s ‘Aa Aaa Ee Eee’; Vikram’s ‘Mallanna’; Ram Charan’s ‘Magadheerudu’; Allu Arjun’s ‘Arya 2’; Rajasekhar’s ‘Naa Style E Veru’ and Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Leader’. Industry sources reveal that the release of some of these films was held back fearing poor response during the elections followed by the Indian Premier League. Students busy with annual examinations and EAMCET too would have shunned the idea of films. “The masses who decide the fate of the films were busy with elections and no way could those crowds have been drawn to theatres,” said an analyst.

However, he says another reason was the involvement of film stars in election campaigns. “Unlike earlier elections, top stars and small time character artistes were busy campaigning for one party or the other. Even shootings were deferred,” he said.

During summer, people generally prefer to go to theatres during evenings. But those slots have been garnered by the IPL matches. People are glued to their TV sets, given the intensity of the 20-20 matches. Moreover, they are also getting to see their favourite actors at the IPL itself. Students who hit theatrestoo are busy with examinations.But the industry has no option but to release now, at least to generate some interest before people turn to movies from the deadly combination of elections, exams and cricket.

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