MUMBAI: Anil Kakodkar, Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), will visit Vienna this week for talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on a safeguards accord proposed under the India-U.S. nuclear deal to pave the way for resumption of nuclear fuel for Indian reactors.

Additional protocol

He will also discuss with IAEA representatives an additional protocol agreed in the deal.

The plan to separate India's civilian and military nuclear facilities provides for an India-specific safeguards agreement to be negotiated with the IAEA.

New Delhi has sought such an agreement since India is neither a member of the Non-proliferation Treaty nuclear powers comprising the P-5 countries nor does it come under the category of non-Nuclear Weapon States.

This is a process the AEC Chairman will be undertaking at Vienna prior to tripartite arrangement with the United States.

This process would involve the understanding as well as putting forth India's stance on the nuances of the "India-specific" safeguards.

"This process is very essential as a preparation to deal with the Nuclear Suppliers' Group [NSG] from whom India is expected to buy its future nuclear plants to increase the electricity base capacity which will be put under IAEA safeguards," a top Department of Atomic Energy official said.

Safeguards of the IAEA are to prevent diversion of nuclear material for weapon's programme. They are complemented by controls on the export of sensitive technology from countries such as U.K. and the U.S. through the NSG PTI

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