C. Jaishankar

TNEB attributes it to high wind velocity

RAMANATHAPURAM: Announced and unannounced power cuts and erratic supply continue to haunt the people of Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga districts.

Though the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has introduced a regulated load shedding plan to tide over the shortage, the ground situation reveals that power scenario has worsened in the last few weeks,.

According to the regulated plan, power will be stopped for two hours in a day. It is being implemented in all regions of the district on rotation. Though a section of the people has made up its mind to face the situation, the increase in duration of unannounced power cuts has made people unhappy.

“Though we managed to accept the power cut in January and February because of the chill climate, we are now finding it difficult to pass the power cut hours due to hot climate. The TNEB cuts power when the mercury is acute during day time,” said M. Murugan of Bharathi Nagar.

People of remote rural areas complain that the TNEB is following different yardsticks for rural and urban areas in supplying power.

Subramanian of Tiruvadanai said that the people of rural areas were at the receiving end whenever there was a power crisis. “We don’t know when will the power go off. As against the two-hour scheduled power shutdown in urban areas, we face unannounced power cuts for a few more hours,” he added.

Owners of ice factories, salt pans and others felt that production had been badly hit due to restrictions in use of power.

A TNEB official, who did not want to be quoted, said that they were not able to maintain regular supply due to high wind velocity in the coastal district. There was no instruction to stretch the power shutdown beyond the stipulated two hours, he added.

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