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State Government asked to disclose steps taken to contain disease

HYDERABAD: A Division Bench of the High Court has directed the Government to come forward and disclose by Tuesday the steps being taken to control the spread of chikungunya in the State.

The bench headed by the Chief Justice took a serious note of the prevailing situation while dealing with a writ petition filed by Gopala Krishna Kalanidhi. The bench wanted some quick action to be initiated before an "epidemic" broke out.

It was brought to the court's notice that there was a garbage dumping yard near Indira Park and Ashoknagar nala and the garbage was not being cleared, leading to the spread of the disease.

The bench was not inclined to accept the claims made by the authorities in the counter-affidavit at the face value. The officers said that the garbage dump was only a transition point. The bench wanted to know as to how the garbage was being cleared. It further said that the court will not confine the adjudication to the city of Hyderabad and expressed concern at the situation in the rural areas.

Stating that the issue brooked no delay, the bench then asked the Advocate- General, who was present in the court, to get back to the court by Tuesday.

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