Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI:The Union Health Ministry on Sunday released the nationwide data on dengue outbreak. It said there have been 47 deaths so far and the viral disease has affected 3,407 persons.

Delhi has reported 886 cases, followed by Kerala (713), Gujarat (424), Rajasthan (326), West Bengal (314), Tamil Nadu (306) and Maharashtra (226), Uttar Pradesh (79), Haryana (65), Karnataka (59) and Andhra Pradesh (9).

On the action being taken to contain the spread of the disease, the Ministry said a control room had been set up at the Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) here.

The Directorate was monitoring the situation continuously and providing technical guidance and logistics support to the affected States. It was also carrying out vector surveillance in the Capital and holding meetings with different hospital administrations and the departments concerned.

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