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With effect from the issue of October 3, 2006, the format of The Hinduwill migrate to the National Industry Standard Size. That is to say, as a consequence of web width (physical paper size) reduction, the print area will be reduced from a width of 36 cm to 33 cm and from a height of 53 cm to 52 cm. Through this change, your newspaper will

Join the National Industry Standard Broadsheet Format Move in line with international trends of newspaper formats getting handier and more sleek

Make more efficient use of newsprint, thereby `saving trees.'

However, for practical reasons, this migration of The Hinduto the new format will take place in a differentiated way. Eleven printing centres representing two thirds of our 1.14 million net-paid circulation will go for both paper size and print area reduction straightaway on October 3, 2006. The Chennai printing centre representing a third of our circulation will go for print area reduction but will retain the existing paper size until some time early next year.

Naturally, we have had to make certain design adjustments. Worked out in consultation with our master designer, Dr. Mario Garcia of Garcia Media, these simple, elegant and detailed design adjustments have enabled us to offset the print area reduction and assure our 4.06 million readers (National Readership Study 2006) that there will be no sacrifice of editorial content.

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