Devesh K. Pandey

LeT uses explosives experts to train militants

  • Revelations made by arrested LeT militants
  • Terrorists involved in July 11 train blasts underwent training at IED centre
  • Baba wanted by Interpol

    NEW DELHI: Azam Cheema alias Baba, the Lashkar-e-Taiba chief of operations in India who is said to have masterminded the July 11 train blasts in Mumbai, has set up a centre at Bahawalpur in Pakistan to train militants in the manufacture of sophisticated improvised explosive devices (IEDS).

    According to the revelations made by Mohammad Ali Chippa and Feroz Abdul Latif Ghaswala, the alleged LeT militants arrested by the Special Cell of the Delhi police at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station here in May, Baba, who is in his early 50s, has his office in a single-storey building.


    Chippa disclosed that the building, which has five rooms, is located at Hazim Colony on Multan Road. Baba has also set up an elaborate laboratory comprising various types of apparatuses and chemicals used in the manufacture of explosive devices. Computers have also been installed there for communication with militants through the Internet. Armed guards remain deployed at the entrance to the building, Chippa told the interrogators.

    A hardware engineer by profession, Chippa allegedly revealed that Baba, who is about six feet tall, moves in a Land Cruiser bearing a VIP number and a "Government of Pakistan" sticker. Chippa, who was sent to Pakistan via Iran in December last, lived with Baba there and under his supervision learnt how to configure IEDs using various timer devices, including ABCD timers, and remote controlled bombs.

    He allegedly revealed that Baba, a professor of Islamiat at Zadawalan Degree College at Faislabad, has employed several explosive experts to train newly recruited militants in the manufacture of bombs. They are also taught various techniques for disguising the real circuit of the explosive device to ensure that they are not defused that easily even when detected. After configuration, the "trainees" are taken to remote areas to detonate the bombs.

    Investigations by the Mumbai police have also indicated that some of the terrorists involved in the July serial explosions had undergone training at Baba's Bahawalpur's centre. Baba is wanted by the Interpol since 2004 in connection with supply of arms and explosives to create disturbance in India.

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