Pune/New Delhi: Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Sunday apologised to the mother of Reeda Shaikh, 14, who died of swine flu.

Mr. Azad had said that India’s first swine flu victim could have infected some 85 others while changing hospitals.

This angered Reeda’s family which demanded his resignation and an apology from him.

“I am misunderstood”

“If she [Reeda’s mother Shireen Shaikh] has misunderstood me, I am extremely sorry,” said Mr. Azad.

The Minister said he did not in any way intend to hold the girl responsible for the spread of the virus.

“I am no less aggrieved than Reeda’s family. She was too young a girl to die .... The remarks were not in her context but in the context of other things. I had said this disease is highly contagious, it spreads rapidly from one person to another,” Mr. Azad told reporters in New Delhi. — PTI

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