Hasan Suroor

LONDON: Britain’s overseas doctors, who had been battling against new discriminatory recruitment norms, on Friday won a major legal battle when the High Court upheld their appeal against rules that require medical graduates from outside the European Union to obtain work permit before coming to Britain either for training or for employment.

The court held that the advice, given by the Department of Health to the National Health Service employers regarding doctors who came here under the preferential Highly-Skilled Migrants Programme (HSMP), was wrong.

The ruling, the latest in a series of twists and turns since the new rules were announced last year, is expected to benefit thousands of overseas doctors, including some 10,000 from India.

Many were facing the prospect of having to return home and apply again after being told last year that they would be subject to the new procedure under which work permits to doctors from non-EU countries would be given only against specific vacancies for which suitable “home grown” doctors were not available.

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