Sandeep Joshi

NEW DELHI: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Saturday said the much-awaited “National Do-Not-Call Registry” banning unsolicited telemarketing calls will be implemented in three phases.

In a statement issued here, it said the first phase involves online registration of the telemarketer, followed by registration of telephone users not wanting commercial or unwanted calls with their respective telecom service providers so that unsolicited calls are stopped after 45 days of their registration with the service providers.

After this, telemarketers will first have to check their subscriber calling list with the NDNC Registry so that such registered numbers are not sent the unsolicited commercial communication.

On June 5 this year, TRAI had issued “Telecom Unsolicited Commercial Communications Regulations, 2007 ” for putting in place a mechanism for curbing unwanted telemarketing calls. The Regulation had prescribed a three-month time frame to establish the Registry.

Now for the implementation of the Regulation, the Department of Telecom (DoT) has authorised the National Informatics Centre (NIC) for installation, operation and maintenance of the Registry. As per the DoT guidelines, the telemarketers were supposed to get themselves registered by August this year.

In the first phase of implementation, the NIC designed an online registration module for telemarketers. As on September 7, about 14,750 telemarketers having around 4.5-lakh telephone lines have already applied with various telecom service providers for getting themselves registered with the DoT. The telecom service providers are now verifying these telemarketers.

In the second phase, the registration of subscribers through service providers has commenced. Once a telephone number is registered, it will take about 45 days for this mechanism to come into effect.

In the third phase, the NIC has prepared a scrubbing module and TRAI is in a process of validating it. Once this module is functional, TRAI would ask all telemarketers to get their calling list scrubbed through this module and telemarketers will be able to call only those numbers which are cleared by Registry.

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