J. Venkatesan

Karnataka says

  • It is impossible to release 134 tmcft of water from June to September
  • The award has been questioned in the Supreme Court

    New Delhi: The order of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal is not capable of implementation in the absence of regulatory measures by means of hydropower storage at Mekedatu, Karnataka Government has said in its clarification application filed before the tribunal.

    The application, filed by counsel Mohan V. Katarki, brought to the notice of the tribunal that Karnataka had already questioned in the Supreme Court the February 5 final award on various jurisdictional points including gross errors of law and procedure.

    The application in particular referred to the direction to Karnataka to ensure tentatively the water at the inter-State contact point at Biligundlu. Referring to the monthly releases, Karnataka said: "It is impossible and impracticable even in a normal year to ensure the directed releases of 134 tmcft of water from June to September after meeting the allocation made to Kerala upstream (21 tmcft in Kabini)." Elaborating the difficulties, it said: "The inflows to be ensured at the inter-State border are dependent on three sources: downstream releases from KRS and Kabini and independent inflow from the catchment between KRS and Kabini and inter-State border/Mekedatu. All the three sources are variable, especially the last component, when the flows of last 33 years, 1974-75 to 2006-07 are considered."


    It said that from June to September, "the variation in the catchment above KRS ranges from 54.6 tmcft being minimum to 254.2 tmcft being maximum; above Kabini ranges from 36.2 tmcft being minimum to 164.8 tmcft being maximum; and between Kabini and KRS and the contact point at inter-State border, Biligundlu, ranges from 11.9 tmcft being minimum to 48.2 tmcft being maximum."

    Karnataka said: "To enable the tentative monthly deliveries during a normal year to be made at the inter-State contact point at Biligundlu gauge and discharge station located at the common border, it is imperative that a storage reservoir immediately upstream of the contact point be constructed by Karnataka. Only this would enable the monthly deliveries to be ensured without hardship on either side."

    It asked the tribunal to clarify that the storage in Mekedatu project for hydropower generation and diversion in Shivasamduram project for hydropower generation were the rights of the State not necessarily dependent or controlled by National Hydro Power Corporation for their construction.

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