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This is the maximum we can wait without disrupting the next academic year: Bakul Dholakia

  • Affiliated institutions free to begin admissions on April 16
  • Delay could affect the quality of intake in the IIMs

    AHMEDABAD: All the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have decided to defer the publication of the final admissions list to their two-year post-graduate management programme from Thursday till April 21 in deference to the wishes of the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry.

    Speaking on behalf of the six IIMs, Bakul Dholakia, Director, IIM-Ahmedabad, said, "This is the maximum stretch we can give to the Government without disrupting the beginning of the next academic year." If no further communication was received from the Ministry or the Supreme Court's stay on the implementation of the OBC reservation quota was not vacated till April 21, they would go ahead with admissions "as per the last year's capacity" without implementing the OBC reservation and increasing their intake.

    Unanimous decision

    Denying that the IIMs were for "confrontation" with the Centre, Prof. Dholakia said the decision was taken "unanimously" by the six directors after several rounds of teleconferencing. On April 6, the Ministry had asked the IIMs to defer admissions "till further communication." The Ministry promised to send "further" communication "at the earliest."

    "Our information says that except for the meetings of the consultative groups, nothing concrete has yet been taken by the Centre to resolve the impasse created from the apex court's stay on the OBC reservation quota, and the IIMs cannot wait indefinitely," he said.

    The decision to defer admissions would be communicated to the Centre by Prakash Apte, Director, IIM-Bangalore.

    Since the OBC quota did not affect the affiliated institutions, they would be free to go ahead with admissions as per schedule on April 16. Several students might be forced to join such institutions because of the uncertainty in IIM admissions. If they got seats in any IIM after April 21, they would not even get refund of the admission fees paid to these institutions.

    Conversely, it could also affect the quality of intake in the IIMs, he said.

    Asked what the IIMs would do if the Centre issued another directive to stall the admission process, he said, "We will cross the bridge when we come to it." But he hoped that some "concrete steps" would be taken by the Centre so that the admission process could be "advanced."

    Under no circumstances would the IIMs be able to implement the quota if no decision was taken till the end of June. "We cannot add to the number of students once the academic session begins by the last week of June."

    Since the Supreme Court stay or the Ministry's communication pertained to the reservation quota only, the IIMs together would finalise admissions on April 21 for the existing 1,350 seatsfor the PGP courses.

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