NEW YORK: This was one search you could not just Google.

An employee's three-foot python went missing over the weekend in Google's sprawling Manhattan office, sending search teams on an all-out snake hunt. The searchers finally found the serpent, known as Kaiser, on Monday night.

"A snake was lost; it was not an April Fool's joke. It was found last night," a Google spokeswoman said on Tuesday. "The snake has [since] left the building."

She did not say where in the office Kaiser was found. But a contributor to Google's official blog wrote that the staff was told the snake was found "relaxing behind a cabinet."

The spokeswoman confirmed the python belonged to a "Googler" and said the pet was now at its owner's home. The Google blog contributor, Dan Bentley, wrote that while some employees laughed about the situation, others stood away from walls and corners, and the bathrooms were less crowded than usual.

Company officials did not comment on a report that the search for the snake even included a missing-snake flier. AP

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