Bhopal: Curious people on Sunday thronged the residence of a lawyer here who has been described as the long-lost descendent of France's 16th century Bourbon kings.

Neighbours of 48-year-old Balthazar Napolean de Bourbon claimed they did not have much of an acquaintance with his family, but said they were now keen to learn more about him. Mr. Balthazar, who lives in a densely populated locality adjacent to the Bourbon Higher Secondary School run by his wife since 1983, kept away from the phone and visitors who tried to contact him. "He will not be able to meet anyone at present," his wife said as reporters reached the school premises.

Mr. Balthazar, who has been practising law for nearly two decades, is being feted as the descendent of the Bourbon kings who ruled France from the 16th century to the French revolution but is yet to visit that country. PTI

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