Hasan Suroor

LONDON: Shilpa Shetty may not be amused when she discovers that the India Tourism Office here has extended an "invitation" to Jade Goody, her tormentor-in-chief on the Celebrity Big Brother show, to visit India and experience its "healing nature."

The Tourism Office on Friday took out a full-page advertisement, "Incredible India," in leading British newspapers to "sell" the country to "Jade Goody and friends," saying the "best way to understand India" was to visit it.

The open letter said: "Dear Jade Goody, Once your current commitments are over, may we invite you to experience the healing nature of India. ... As a beauty therapist, you may be especially interested in visiting one of the many spas where you can cleanse your stresses away, enjoy yoga in the land that invented it and experience Ayurvedic healing, which promotes positive health and natural beauty. ... We look forward to welcoming you soon -- yours sincerely, India Tourism Office."

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