B.S. Satish Kumar

BANGALORE: As the coalition partners are yet to take a decision on the ways and means of handling the power shortage, Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. (KPTCL) is continuing unscheduled loadshedding in rural areas as and when the power consumption goes up beyond the availability.

According to sources in KPTCL, unscheduled loadshedding was enforced even on Thursday evening as the power consumption suddenly touched 124.7 million units. The power consumption was brought down only after a two-hour loadshedding during the peak time between 6.15 p.m. and 8.15 p.m., sources told The Hindu.

Sources said that unscheduled loadshedding was being resorted to make up for a gap of about 500 MW of power. Otherwise, the State power grid would collapse because the frequency of power supply would fall dangerously low due to increase in power consumption, sources saidHowever, loadshedding is being enforced only in villages where the revenue recovery was low, sources said. Towns and cities had been exempted from load shedding as of now.

There is speculation that such a method of enforcing unscheduled loadshedding informally without any announcement by the Government might continue for some more time till the situation gets out of control. The State is on the verge of a power crisis as it is expected to face a shortage of 15 million units a day during summer.

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