Special Correspondent

Terror groups in Pakistan must be controlled effectively

Denies the charge that India is helping the Taliban

SRINAGAR: India is ready to discuss all issues with Pakistan if an atmosphere that is fruitful for negotiations is created, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said here on Thursday.

At a press conference, he said there was no precondition for talks, but they cannot make headway unless there was “effective control” of the terror groups operating in that country.

India’s and Pakistan’s destinies, he reiterated, were very closely interlinked. If negotiations to deal with all outstanding issues were to make any headway, it was essential that the terror elements were brought under control. “We are a democracy. If day in day out, terrorist attacks are put to take the precious lives of our citizens, we can’t create the environment for meaningful negotiations.”

“No aid to Taliban”

Dr. Singh denied that India was in any way helping the Taliban and termed the charge made by a senior Pakistan Minister totally false. It was far-fetched and far from truth and those making such allegations knew it jolly well.

“I think nothing can be far-fetched, far from truth. We are the victims of terrorism, aided and abetted from the Pakistani side. Therefore, my simple answer is that both the references to Balochistan and what has been said with regard to India funding the Taliban are totally false,” he said.

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