Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Riding on the back of rising prices of staple items like potatoes, onions and pulses, food inflation rose to 14.55 per cent in the first week of November. On a weekly basis, inflation rose 0.87 percentage points from 13.68 per cent.

On a yearly basis, prices of potatoes shot up by 102.47 per cent, onions by 38.24 per cent and pulses by 27.03 per cent, according to official figures release here on Thursday. Experts feel that prices of food items will continue to remain at an elevated level unless there is a bumper rabi crop.

In what could give a sense of sky rocketing of food prices, there is no item on the list mentioned in the data that has shown a declining trend on a yearly basis. On weekly basis, though, prices of fruits fell by 1.3 per cent and those of jowar and poultry chicken by one per cent each.

Urad, mutton, moong, condiments and spices, barley, wheat and bajra rose three per cent each and milk, gram, river fish and eggs by one per cent each. Non-food articles inflation rose to 0.59 per cent from (-) 0.17 per cent a week ago. The rate of price rise in fuel, power, light and lubricants was higher at (-) 1.51 per cent compared to (-)1.71 per cent. On a yearly basis, cereal prices rose by 13.16 per cent.

Rice became dearer by 11.65 per cent, wheat by 12.60 per cent and milk by 11.29 per cent. Among non-food articles, raw jute turned costlier by 7 per cent, fodder by 5 per cent and raw cotton by 3 per cent. However, prices of soyabean and raw rubber declined by one per cent each. In the fuel category, aviation turbine rose by 11 per cent while furnace oil was up one per cent.

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