Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: CNN-IBN 7, which carried out a “cash-on-camera” sting operation showing money changing hands for abstentions during Tuesday’s trust vote in the Lok Sabha, said it would be happy to hand over to the Speaker or any other official authority any material which it had collected in connection with the exercise.

In a statement here, the television channel said that as part of its investigation, it came to know of efforts by political leaders, who, it was alleged, were trying to negotiate with MPs of other parties. “While trying to investigate deeper into this trail, we realised that the issue needed further probing and we could not at this stage telecast it without further verification. We are also aware that as the matter involves honourable members of Parliament and involves a question of parliamentary privileges, the media needs to be extra cautious before airing or telecasting any such news.”

The statement said that for the past few days, several MPs had come out in the open claiming that they were being offered various allurements in return for support, either for or against the motion of confidence. Several MPs spoke on camera, even detailing the amounts being offered to them. This promptly became one of the most important talking points of the national discourse. CNN-IBN 7 decided to verify the truth behind these claims and follow leads, instead of going by mere claims made by certain politicians, the statement said.

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