Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: Forward Bloc leader Debabrata Biswas said here on Friday that the ninth meeting of the United Progressive Alliance-Left committee on the nuclear deal with the United States had completed all political and technical discussions on the issue.

Talking to journalists, he said: “At that meeting, it was decided to hold another meeting to finalise the committee’s findings. We were also party to that decision. We have to complete the proceedings.

He said:

“Both the government and the Left parties had exchanged a series of notes on various aspects of the deal, but now it seems that the government is going ahead with the deal and there is no need for another meeting.

“In the wake of these developments, we came to the conclusion that we should ask the government clearly and categorically whether it is thinking of going to the IAEA to clinch the safeguards agreement.”

Asked about the Samajwadi Party’s stand, Mr. Biswas said: “Let them do what they want to. People know that we, the Left, have taken a consistent and principled stand and we are united in that decision. The proceedings in Parliament are on record as to which party said what and what stand they had taken on the Indo-US nuclear deal. The sense of the House was to oppose the deal.”

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