J. Venkatesan

‘Justice Dinakaran is being victimised

as he is a Dalit Christian’

Why has such concern not been shown

against other tainted judges?

New Delhi: The All India Confederation of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Organisations has questioned the motive behind the impeachment move initiated by 75 members of Parliament against Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran.

Addressing a press conference, confederation chairman Dr. Udit Raj, who is also the national president of the Indian Justice Party, said Justice Dinakaran, a Dalit Christian, was being victimised.

He said: “It is precisely for this reason that 75 MPs have shown such haste in initiating impeachment proceedings against Justice Dinakaran. Why has such concern not been shown against other tainted judges? In this issue, BJP MPs are playing a major role and this shows their mindset.”

Dr. Raj said the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court had made a recommendation for the impeachment of judge Soumitra Sen which was duly accepted by the Chief Justice of India. Despite this, no impeachment proceedings had been initiated against him. A sum of Rs. 15 lakh was found in cash at the residence of a judge in Chandigarh. Here also, no impeachment action was initiated against the judge concerned.

In the Ghaziabad provident fund scam, the names of several judges from Ghaziabad appeared in the charge sheet, yet no impeachment proceedings had been started against any of them.

He said that all sorts of allegations were being levelled against Justice Dinakaran when he was a High Court judge in Tamil Nadu. “Why did the judges and lawyers not level these charges when he was promoted and appointed as the Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court,” he asked. “If Justice Dinakaran is really corrupt, then the impeachment proceedings must start against him even though he has given his clarification on the allegations. As far as the charge of land grabbing is concerned, it is a very old case and it is not necessary that if his relatives are involved in land grabbing, he is also involved in the same.”

Dr. Raj alleged that most of the appointments of judges “are made on [on the basis of] casteism, favouritism and nepotism.”

He added: “There is no connection of capability or experience with these appointments. Nowhere in the world are judges appointed by judges. It is for this reason that in our country that the number of judicial cases is mounting every day and the poor are being deprived of justice. It is, therefore, imperative that there should be sweeping changes in the appointment process of judges so that the judicial system can be improved.”

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