Prakash Kamat

PANAJI: The Goa police on Thursday said they had arrested two persons accused of being responsible for the sexual assault on and eventual homicidal death of British teenager Scarlette Eden Keeling.

The “prima facie conclusions” of investigations released by the police said the “girl died of drug overdose and drowning after the accused gave her narcotics, sexually assaulted her and left her on the beach.”

Placido Carvalho, an alleged drug peddler, and Samson D’Souza, a barman working at Lui’s Café (beach shack), have been remanded to 15-day police custody by a Judicial Magistrate Court at Mapusa in north Goa.

Inspector-General Kishan Kumar told a press conference here that D’Souza was booked under Sections 376 (rape) and 302 (murder) read with Section 34 (common intent) of the Indian Penal Code. Carvalho was booked under Sections 328 (drugging) and 302 read with Section 34 of the IPC.

Mr. Kumar said the girl allegedly consumed high doses of cocaine and alcohol when she entered the beach shack in the early hours of February 18. Carvalho allegedly drugged her with a cocktail of narcotics including ecstasy tablets and cocaine, besides serving her alcoholic drinks. Thereafter, Samson allegedly continuously sexually assaulted the girl behind the bar and subsequently on the beach.

“Due to overdrugging and sexual assault, the girl finally collapsed and Samson allegedly dumped her in shallow seawater, which eventually resulted in her death,” Mr. Kumar said.

‘Laxity in investigations’

To a question on Scarlette family’s allegation of laxity in police investigations, Mr. Kumar admitted that there was some slackness in the initial stage. For this, sub-inspector Nerlon Albuquerque of the Anjuna station was placed under suspension.

Earlier in the day, Chief Secretary J.P. Singh told The Hindu that the government would also probe the role of the doctor of the Forensic Department of the Goa Medical College Hospital, who conducted the first controversial autopsy.

The case took a dramatic turn when the mother of the deceased Fiona Mackeown compelled the government to do a second autopsy as she apprehended foul play. The doctors, who conducted the second autopsy, advised the police to investigate the case as homicidal death.

Mother not satisfied

PTI reports:

Ms. Mackeown said she was not satisfied with the police investigation, terming it “an extension of original cover-up by the police.”

“To my mind, the case has neither been solved nor shall be solved by the Goa police. The events so far are just an extension of the original cover-up by the police,” she said in a statement.

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