Special Correspondent

KOLKATA: The need to bolster the resistance against the Centre’s tilt towards imperialist forces in its foreign policy and the impact of these forces on national affairs was underscored at the delegate session of the 22nd State Conference of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) that entered its third day here on Wednesday.

Calling for an independent, non-aligned foreign policy, the CPI (M) also demanded that the United Progressive Alliance government pursue an independent nuclear policy rather than take steps to operationalise the civilian nuclear deal with the U.S. without considering the implications of the Hyde Act on the agreement and, consequently, on national sovereignty.

It also noted that through a sustained opposition to the agreement, the CPI (M) and other Left parties have so far been successful in preventing its operationalising despite mounting pressure from the U.S.

A resolution critical of the UPA government’s attempts at becoming the “junior partner” of the U.S. by playing into the latter’s designs of forging a strategic alliance with India, as is evident in the regular joint military exercises being undertaken by the two countries, was adopted at the conference.

The party also came down strongly on a section of the “capitalist media” and non governmental organisations for joining a “reactionary alliance” comprising ultra-leftists and extreme rightist forces led by the Trinamool Congress that was bent on creating unrest and anarchy in a bid to disrupt the process of industrialisation in West Bengal at a time when investments were flowing in.

The recent developments in Nandigram and Singur where trouble had been incited on the pretext of safeguarding the interests of the peasants only exposed the intent of such forces to launch a national-level anti-Left campaign and topple the ruling Left Front government in the State.

The conference also noted the need for galvanising the party organisation to ensure the CPI (M)’s success in the panchayat polls in the State scheduled for May.

A resolution for taking forward programmes aimed at the development of minorities as well as another calling for the speedy passage of the Bills pertaining to granting Sixth Schedule status to the Darjeeling region were also adopted.

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