A. Saye Sekhar

Hyderabad: Filtering pornographic content has been a challenge for individuals and enterprises alike.

While parents agonise over how to shield their children from undesirable websites, cyber café operators as well as corporate network administrators are having to face up to the legal consequences of such traffic on their ‘turf.’

The Hyderabad-based Drishti Systems claims to have created proprietary technology that significantly improves the quality of such filtering: Last year, it launched a hardware solution, ‘NetOptima,’ that could be plugged into a network to filter the pornographic sites. It cost Rs.60,000 plus.

Wider market

Recently, the company has addressed a wider market with three software versions of NetOptima: home edition (Rs.999), Café edition (Rs.2,999) and Professional (Rs.19,999). CEO Anil Chandra told The Hindu that the home edition could be loaded into the PC straight away, while the Café edition and Professional edition need to be loaded into the server.

The Café edition supports about 20 computers, while the professional edition manages 1,000 PCs on a server.

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