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BANGALORE: A newborn girl, just minutes old, was kidnapped from the K.C. General Hospital on Saturday evening before the mother could even set her eyes on her.

The incident happened in a span of five minutes after she was placed in a warmer by duty doctors around 6 p.m. The grandmother was with the mother, Mahalakshmi, in the labour room while the father, Manjunath, a painter, had hurried out to phone relatives.

The couple was apparently befriended by a Telugu-speaking woman, who helped them with hospital formalities before Ms. Mahalakshmi was wheeled into the labour room. The grief-stricken father suspects that this woman could have abducted the baby as it was she who announced the birth even before the doctors did.

“The other patients in the ward told us that they saw the woman wrapping my baby in a towel and taking it. They did not stop her because they had seen her with us,” a sobbing Manjunath told The Hindu.

Mr. Manjunath said he would be able to recognise the woman even in a crowd of 10,000 people.

Superintendent of K.C. General Hospital M. Vishwaradhya, who immediately lodged a complaint with the Malleswaram police, denied any security lapse.

“This has happened during the visiting hours. Moreover, there are enough indications that the woman who had befriended the couple could have taken the baby,” he added.

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