Special Correspondent

Action initiated in cases of irregularities

NEW DELHI: At least three Army Generals are among several senior officers facing disciplinary proceedings for alleged financial irregularities, said sources in the Army Headquarters here.

In the case of one General and other senior level officers, the probe is being conducted under the supervision of the Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General G.D. Singh, as the Army suspects he managed to escape censure earlier due to infirmities on the part of prosecuting officials.

"Certain aspects of legal formalities that need to be complied with are being complied with," said the sources.

Another General, currently posted in Bangalore, along with senior officers is facing disciplinary proceedings at Delhi after a probe indicted him for involvement in supplying substandard food material to soldiers.

Action is also being taken against Army laboratories for clearing the edibles. Subsequent tests found them inedible for human consumption.

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