Accused shoves iron pipe into her mouth to silence her

In a shocking incident, a 19-year-old girl was brutalised by a young neighbour after she resisted his rape attempt at her residence in Lajpat Nagar here on Monday night. While the victim has been admitted to hospital with severe injuries in her mouth, the accused has been arrested.

It all happened around 8-15 p.m. when the girl’s parents were away and she was alone at home. An electrician known to her went to the house to collect the monthly electricity bill, but was asked to come later.

Finding her alone, the electrician grabbed the girl by her hand and then tried to overpower her.

When the young man allegedly attempted to force himself on her, she offered resistance, throwing whatever she could lay her hands on at him. In a bid to silence her, the electrician then assaulted her.

Although the police remained tight-lipped, it is alleged that the accused shoved an iron pipe into her mouth before he fled the spot.

“It is not yet confirmed, but the victim has sustained severe injuries in her tonsil. Bruises around her neck indicate that an attempt had been made to strangle her,” said a police officer on Tuesday.

The police received a call at 8-27 p.m.

“We found that the victim had already been taken to hospital. She alleged that she had been assaulted by the electrician. Based on her complaint, we registered a case of attempted rape, attempt to murder, trespass and wrongful confinement,” said the police officer.

The police immediately launched a hunt for the electrician.

“We learnt that he is unmarried and had been working for the local electricity distributers for the past five years at a monthly salary of Rs.6,000. Acting on a tip-off, we raided his maternal uncle’s house in neighbouring Faridabad and arrested him around 4-30 a.m. on Tuesday,” said the officer.

  • Girl hospitalised with severe injuries

  • Accused electrician arrested

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