Alakkudi Railway Station between Budalur and Thanjavur stations in the Tiruchi – Thanjavur section has been converted into a ‘crossing station'.

The Tiruchi Railway Division completed the work of converting the single line station into a crossing station at an outlay of Rs. 1.2 crore.

This ensured halting of trains in this station for the purpose of crossing in both the directions, which will avoid delay due to crossing of trains hereafter.

The main advantage of upgrading Alakkudi as a crossing station is that this will ensure simultaneous receiving and despatching of trains to and from Thanjavur and Budalur, which in turn is expected to save travelling time of each of the train by 15 to 20 minutes.

Under this project, the single medium level platform was converted into two-high level platforms with crossing. The project also included laying of couple of loop lines, each to a length of 500 metres, and they can hold 24 coaches together with locomotive. The length of the existing main line has been increased to 700 metres.

Roofs, 32 metres in length, have been erected on both the platforms. While the works on pale fencing and illumination of the station have already been completed, the work on creation of water facility is in progress.

The travelling public of Delta districts have been regularly complaining about the delayed running of trains in the Tiruchi – Thanjavur section and this was attributed mainly to the non-availability of crossing facility at Alakkudi station.


With the introduction of new trains following the opening of the Tiruchi–Chennai main line for the traffic, the demand gained more justification.

Before the upgrade of the Alakkudi station, Budalur, 17 kms from Thanjavur, was the crossing point. Trains halted at Budalur to pave way for the train coming from the opposite direction and had to wait for at least half an hour for getting green signal.

Now the detention due to crossing has been considerably reduced as Alakkudi, which is nine kms from Thanjavur, has been made into a crossing station.

Heavy patronage

This station is being used by a good number of people of Alakkudi and the surrounding villages, including school and college students, for proceeding to Thanjavur.

The people have demanded the Railways to erect a foot over-bridge as part of safety measures.

This project was originally scheduled to be completed by June 2009.

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