The country’s largest medical institute, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has already set in motion wheels of change towards going green. En route the green journey, the institute plans to conserve energy, reduce water consumption and work on the establishment’s urban heat island effect to reduce microclimate heat by at least three degree Celsius.

Detailing the path forward, AIIMS chief Dr. M.C. Misra said The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) has already started work on developing specific targets for the institute.

“The hospital aims to reduce up to 30 per cent of its energy consumption by using light emitting diode (LED) lamps indoors and solar-powered lamps in the common area.”

“TERI is also helping the institute look at reducing an overall water consumption by 50 per cent and work on its urban heat island effect to reduce microclimate heat by at least three degrees centigrade. Steps would also be taken to install sound and dust barriers to reduce pollution. The certification parameters have been set by Griha India, a semi-government agency,” added Dr. Misra.

The premier institute embarked on the ‘green path’ after Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan’s June 5 declaration where he noted that the Central Government is looking at making AIIMS the first government hospital which will be completely environment-friendly and carry the ‘green healthcare tag’. “The AIIMS will also act as the case study for hospitals and medical institutes across the country to replicate the model of ‘green hospital’. The lessons learned here will be applied and replicated across the country,” said a senior government health official.

According to the ‘wish list’ announced by Dr. Vardhan, he wants AIIMS (and all other healthcare institutes) to “reduce their energy consumption, maximise use of solar energy and other similar natural resources and have water conservation and waste water recycling systems in place.”

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