Mumbai: Bollywood lyricist Gulzar, who shared the Grammy honour with A.R. Rahman for the song ‘Jai Ho’ in the film Slumdog Millionaire, said, “I immediately sent him a message of congratulations and told him that he was getting used to twins. Every time he wins two — two Oscars, two Grammys.

“It is a moment of great pride to see actually what Rahman is doing,” he added.

Sound artiste Resul Pokutty, who won an Academy award along with Rahman for his work in Slumdog Millionaire, described it as a “stupendous win,” which was not unexpected.

Veteran director Subhash Ghai said, “I am proud of Rahman as a special friend and Indian composer who has made India so proud in the world of music.”

It was Ghai who had suggested the words “Jai Ho” when the music composer was doing the music for Yuvvraaj. Ghai replaced the track with ‘Shanno Shanno’ in the film. The track was subsequently used in the Danny Boyle-directed film.

Noted filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor said, “A.R. Rahman goes beyond Slumdog and takes over Hollywood.”

Sukhwinder, who sang the peppy number, said the recognition had been long due.

“I am feeling flabbergasted. I want to congratulate the entire musician community and everyone in India. Rahman deserves it. I have told him many times over the years that ‘you deserve a Grammy’. Right from his first work in Roja all are award worthy. So I had been expecting this to happen,” he said.

All eyes are now set on Tuesday’s Oscar’s nominations as Rahman is in the list of hopefuls this year for his song ‘Na na’ for Couples Retreat. — PTI

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