Motorists in Hubli will have to wait for a few more months before they can use the magic boxes proposed at two important junctions in the city.

The Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) had planned to construct magic boxes as part of its initiative to improve traffic management in the twin cities utilising the additional Rs. 100-crore grant sanctioned by the State government for the 2011-12 financial year.

The then Municipal Commissioner K.V. Trilokchandra had announced that the HDMC had set aside Rs. 5 crore of the Rs. 100 crore for traffic management.

While Rs. 2 crore was set aside for the magic boxes and development of parking lots, the remaining Rs. 3 crore was earmarked for installation of surveillance cameras, signages and development of link roads. After studying the traffic congestion, the HDMC had identified Desai Circle on Club Road and the traffic junction near Indira Glass House for the installation of the magic boxes. However, while other development works under the additional Rs. 100-crore grant are under way, there is no sign of work on the magic boxes.

HDMC Commissioner Y.S. Patil told The Hindu, “We definitely have it in the action plan. However, as the special grant is split for release in three financial years, traffic management works have not been initiated yet.”

Mr. Patil said that the first instalment of Rs. 23 crore had been released and the corporation had called for tenders worth over Rs. 70 crore.

Tenders to be called

“We will initiate the tender process for the magic boxes within three months. Once the process is completed it will take a few more months to have the magic boxes in place,” he added.

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