l Civic administration’s fragile apparatus to tackle downpour exposed l Traffic worst hit l Water-logging in all thoroughfares

It rained fit to drown a duck. Wednesday’s cloudburst proved yet again how fragile the city apparatus is. It simply went bust. Just two hours of rain was sufficient to throw life out of gear and in the process exposed the administration’s preparedness to rise to the occasion. If anything, the civic body has not learnt any lessons from earlier disasters.   The city recorded a rainfall of 94.8 mm till 8.30 p.m., but the misery it unleashed was beyond statistics. Forget low-lying areas, main roads were flooded with rain water. Till recently, everybody looked skywards for water with prayer on their lips, but today’s downpour sent everyone running for cover.

Though the Met Department had sounded a warning of moderate to heavy rain due to depression over the north Andaman sea, none expected it to rain cats and dogs.

The sudden rain caught everyone off guard. What started as a light drizzle around 3.30 p.m. turned into a torrential rain soon. The intensity of rain only kept increasing, triggering traffic jams all over. Every road presented a picture of chaos, with water logging only adding to the misery.  

It never rains but pours in Hyderabad. That’s what the city witnessed with rainstorm continuing for close to two hours.

Tree uprooted

The heavy showers accompanied by gales uprooted a tree on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills, near Vengal Rao Park and another at Gandhinagar while bringing down the huge bill board of AICC president Sonia Gandhi on Necklace road. Luckily none was injured.  

There was water-logging almost everywhere. The problem was more pronounced, particularly at Lakdikapul, Raj Bhavan Road, Ameerpet, Malakpet, Hyderguda, Telephone Bhavan, Saifabad, Punjagutta and Begumpet. But, the emergency squad of the GHMC was nowhere to be seen. Even after the rain stopped, water-logging continued for an hour, putting traffic to untold misery.  

The worst hit was vehicular traffic, which slowed down to a crawl. With knee-deep water flowing, two-wheeler riders had a tough time. Bikes and scooters sputtered to a halt as rain water entered the chokes. Even a couple of four-wheelers stalled on the roads, forcing the drivers to push them through the waters.  

The Raj Bhavan Road, a VIP thoroughfare, witnessed the worst traffic snarl-up. The road opposite Metro Residency turned into a lake, and the vehicular traffic had a difficult time wading through. The road divider ensured that water stagnation continued without any respite. With the Met Department saying the worst is not over, it is time people braced for more trouble.

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