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Monday, Aug 18, 2003

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EVERYONE WOULD agree that the decibels from the loudspeakers outside the marriage halls out mode the standard limit. Thanks to the law that has made cone speakers more or less extinct. But the speaker boxes make equal or more damage than the cones. Somewhere along the ladder of civilisation we have lost words like `tranquility', `calmness' and `serenity' in celebrating marriages. If the mikes have to be installed they could be anchored inside the auditorium. It is not necessary that the mood of neighbours also have to be upbeat when the sound waves vibrate the eardrums beyond the limit. Concern for others health is one aspect of civilisation. I'm afraid we have a long way to go.

A.D. Barnabas,

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Botany,

The American College,


MADURAI IS facing a serious health hazard in the form of noise pollution i.e. blaring of loud speakers and bursting of crackers during weddings, festivals and even during funeral processions. There is not much awareness on noise pollution and its impact. Similar to rainwater harvesting, awareness campaigns should be organised also for noise pollution.

Political parties should set an example in this regard. First Education and then Enforcement.

D J C Barnes,

1, South Street,

Singarayar Colony,


ACCORDING TO health statistics by 2010, all the Mumbaiites will go deaf, particularly those living around Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. The same warning can very well be issued to Maduraiites also. The decibel level has already reached beyond the permissible limits. Unless the authorities check this growing menace, people may have to lose their hearing ability.


Plot No. 139,

Swamy Vivekananda Nagar,


THERE ARE two ways to get something implemented: one is through law and the other is through self-realization and awareness. Our cities have become one of the noisiest with the decibel level reaching alarming heights. Let us educate the public about the impact of noise pollution and also the law should take its own course impartially on the perpetrators. In spite of restrictions, on the use of loud speakers, they continue to blare at all places and at odd hours. The `No Horn' sign at vulnerable spots is just a decorative piece for callous drivers. Either people realize their mistakes or made to realize.


Selection Grade Lecturer in English,

Mepco Schlenk Engineering College,

Sivakasi - 626005.

DURING EIGHTIES, the students of Thiagarajar College of Engineering collected data on noise polluted areas in Madurai and declared `Simmakkal as the most polluted of all. Now, I feel, areas around the Government Rajaji Hospital are the highly noise-polluted places. Noise pollution is very common in Madurai during private, public and temple festivals. Though use of cone speakers are banned, many still use them and even if they use box type speakers, they do not restrict to the prescribed decibels. Similarly, air-horns in trucks and other vehicles also cause inconvenience to the public. The Government, instead of banning cone speakers and air-horns, may ban manufacture of these items.


A/T/2, Porkudam Apartments,

Bypass Road,


NOISE POLLUTION, when compared with other forms of pollution, can be averted easily. The level of sound, which our ears could withstand is between 80db and120db. The sources of noise pollution in the city are loudspeakers, sound horns, etc.

The loud speakers are the primary cause of noise pollution. Another menace is the air horns in vehicles, which not only damage the eardrum but also disturb the mindset of the pedestrians.

Though rules have been framed to maintain the sound limits within the constrained level, they have to be reinforced strictly. Severe action should be taken against the violators.

E.Thulasi Ram,

III year, B.E., Mechanical Engg.,

C-32, TCE Men's Hostel,

Thiagarajar College of Engg.,

Madurai - 625015.

IT IS a known fact that noise pollution is caused mostly by loud speakers and horns used in the vehicles. Loud speakers are very harmful to ears. They disturb the students, as they can't study their lessons because of the noise. Next comes, the horns used in the vehicles. They are capable of causing damages to our ears. If these are not enough, there are also fancy horns used in two-wheelers and autos, which shouts like animals. So, to protect our environment from these `noise polluters', the loud speakers and the air horns should be permanently and completely banned by our government.

D.Shankar Kumar,

IX `E',

SBOA Matric HSS,

Nagamalai Pudukottai,

Madurai - 19.

NOISE POLLUTION in the city has increased manifold. During festivals and other functions, loud speakers are played at an outrageous decibel level. That distracts the attention of the passers-by and motorists. It also disturbs the students preparing for examinations. Autos, which hitherto were sparing the passengers from this ordeal, have also entered the fray, with blaring FM radios. The use of `musical horns' and air horns are already banned within city limits. But this rule is more often violated, than followed. The authorities concerned should act sternly to take this problem.


8th V Street,

Kovalan Nagar,

Madurai - 625 003.

EVERYONE WILL accept that noise pollution in the city is on the rise. The foremost noise pollution creators are the horns vehicles. Then comes, the speakers used in marriage, domestic functions, political meetings, etc.

They affect our eardrums and entire physiological organs and also create sudden shock to our heart.


20, Sarojini Street,

Chinna Chokkikulam,

Madurai-625 002.

WAY BACK in 1993, S.Audiseshiah, the then Collector of Madurai, had issued instructions to use only box type speakers and that too within the specified day timings.

Many legal and medical experts have pointed out that noise pollution would lead to various nervous disorders, emotional tension leading to high blood pressure, cardio-vascular diseases, increase in cholesterol levels resulting in heart attacks, strokes and even damage to the foetus in pregnant mothers.Playing film music on cone type loud speakers should be viewed seriously and action should be taken against the offenders.


16, Pandian Street,

Alagappan Nagar,

Madurai - 625 003.

MADURAI HAS become one of the noisiest cities in the world. The first thing the organisers of any public function can think of is to erect loudspeakers all around the neighbourhood. There is also no let up in the decibel level, disturbing the sleep and peace of all residents in the vicinity. The South West junction of Masi Street has become a constant source of noise pollution throughout the year, with umpteen political meetings organized by all parties, and that too with full police bandobust.


24C NTK Arisikkara Street,

Madurai - 625001.

WHEN IT comes to loudspeakers, it is the student community that is most disturbed, particularly during exams. But, the same student community too, have a hand in noise pollution. These teenagers and youngsters of `India-today' have a craze to drive bikes at a lightening speed with continuous honking of the horn even if the road is clear! Everyone seems to enjoy `Roman holiday' unknowingly. So, it is imperative that every section of the society needs to realise that "one man's music can be another man's din" and only there noise could receive the right treatment.


H-26, TNHB Colony,

Sector I and II, Anaiyur,


NOISE POLLUTION is more rampant in the periphery of the city. I wish I could give a new nomenclature for this hazard `Aural Terrorism'. Though not a cross border one, yet it is certainly a cross-street terrorism. You never know when they will strike, may be at the small hours of the night or when you are taking a post-prandial nap.

There is nothing much one can do to bring an end to this menace. This evil could be compounded with other social malignity such as dowry system and national corruption. No matter what the governments and police and social organisations do, there is not much hope of remedy for the people.


2-4-8 Sastha Nagar,

Madurai-625 017.

LIKE ANY other menace, Madurai is notorious for its noise pollution. The loudspeaker menace has to be curbed immediately.

Even if we approach the organising committee of a function to reduce the volume of the speaker, they simply turn down our request saying that kindly bear with it for two or three days.

These two or three days are virtual hell to live in.

The authorities concerned should effectively enforce the reasonable volume level for the loud speakers.


210/63 Indrani Nagar Main Road,

Mudakku Salai,


NOISE IS one of the constituents of overall environmental pollution. It has been established that excessive noise is adversely affecting the health of human beings.

In Madurai city, the common factors creating noise pollution are the indiscriminate use of loudspeakers and heavy road traffic.

No function or ceremony is complete sans a loud speaker. In India, there is exclusively no uniform law for controlling noise pollution.

So, there is an urgent need to start a vigorous campaign so that the common man is aware of the hazards of noise pollution. The law and society should join hands in making environment healthy.


Department of Economics,

Fatima College,


THE MEASURE of great music is how well it is played and not how loud. Otherwise, we would need another good pair of lungs.

Religion is, and perhaps should be a private affair, privately celebrated. No doubt all communities have their own public venues where congregation pray together with the aim of increasing cohesion within the community. However, a devotee's prayer mostly remains private.

By playing music through loud speakers at unbearable decibel level, we not only disturb the surrounding populace but also damage one ears, cause disturbance to students, hazards to hypersensitive and heart patients, apart from headache to all.

Zyn Milan Jacob,

II B.Sc. Mathematics,

Madura College,


MADURAI IS perhaps is the only city worst affected by noise pollution of all sorts.

The culture of using loud speakers during public meetings, domestic functions, such as marriages, festivals, etc., is prevalent in the city.

The speakers are set to operate, at very high volumes, right from the morning till late night, unmindful of the agonies undergone by the people living around, particularly students, the sick and the traders. Similarly, automobiles cause severe noise pollution by using air-horns, though they are prohibited to do so inside the city. The solution to noise problem lies on the stringent action by the police against the violators with the concerted cooperation of the public.


42, Mahal 2nd Street,

Madurai-625 001.

IT HAS always been an unsatisfied dream for most of the city dwellers to reside in an area free of noise.

Even though the cone type speakers are banned and are not in use, the latest speaker systems with powerful woofers are fit enough to tear one's ear drum.

Areas like Periyar Bus Stand, Goripalayam, market zones, and other public places should be declared as noise-prohibited areas and strict measures should be taken to prevent noise pollution.

It is high time measures are taken to contain noise pollution. Or else, one day we will not be in a position to care about noise! Puzzled?! Probably, we would have become deaf, by then.

N Arun Babu,

1, Ahimsapuram 5th Street,


Madurai-625 002.

NOT A day passes without the loud speaker menace in the city.

The courts have already banned the use of cone type loud speakers, and have also decreed that the volume of the speakers should not exceed specified decibel levels.

But nobody cares to adhere it, the authorities too are not serious about it.

Unless the law enforcing authorities come down heavily on the violators of these regulations, the noise menace cannot be eliminated.



Puli Thevan St.,

Maruthu Pandian Nagar,



EXCESS NOISE causes extra vibrations of eardrums, which affect our nerve cells causing nausea, depression and dizziness.

Though steps are being taken to prevent air and water pollution, one just gets the feeling that very little is being done to prevent the noise pollution.

This is mainly due to the lackadaisical attitude of the people.

The buses running in and around the city should be properly serviced failing which their silencers would produce excess of noise.

All the steps taken towards prevention of noise pollution will greatly help the city residents. Any effort in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

N. Krishnakumar,

II year, Mech.Engg.,

TCE Men's Hostel,


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