Accused in gang-rape of a Tribal woman coming out of Bolpur Court Birbhum District in West Bengal. Photo: Raja Bhakat
The Hindu Accused in gang-rape of a Tribal woman coming out of Bolpur Court Birbhum District in West Bengal. Photo: Raja Bhakat

20-year jail for all accused in gang-rape

Atrocity was committed in Birbhum district on Kangaroo court order »
13 accused of gang-rape including Moral Balai Mardi after they were convicted at Bolpur in Birbhum district on Friday. PHOTO: PTI

13 convicted for Labhpur gang-rape

‘Kangaroo court’ ordered woman to be punished »

Girl who opposed kangaroo court in West Bengal found dead

The death of a teenager who had protested against her father being beaten up at a kangaroo court at Dhupguri, in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district, turned into a political controversy on Wednesday... »

Rape and reality

The gulf between statistics and substance is not easily bridged. The number of rape cases registered in the country may conceal the reality in two significant ways. First, only a small proportion... »
Policemen stand guard outside the Saket district courts complex which houses the fast-track court set up to hear the Delhi gang-rape case. File photo Insight

Rape cases: Scripted FIRs fail court test

In cases of alleged elopement, The Hindu found, the complainant was almost always named as being 14 years old in the FIR. »

The rapist in the mirror

If we are to combat sexual violence in our cities, it is time to begin discussing the dysfunctions of young urban men » 24 comments
THE SYSTEM: The citizen is a bacterium, the citizens’ mob is a virus, a protest movement is Japanese encephalitis. Allow the plague to spread and a system of management perfected over long years disintegrates. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

An Arthashastra for our times

The lynchpin of our rule is a dysfunctional criminal justice system. It has taken us years to ensure that wrongdoing is allowed to flourish — and we are now being asked to dismantle this system! » 7 comments

The temptation of anarchy

There is a heady feeling in the air that we have a licence to defy and disrupt, and force our rulers to make concessions on our terms » 67 comments
NO GENERALISATION: Not all victims of rape are working women, nor can it be assumed that all rapists are ‘insecure’ men. Photo: AP DEBATE @ THE HINDU

Policing and legal processes are hardly unimportant in tackling rape

“As women assert their identity and enter his bastions of power, the traditional Indian male is reacting with violence” states Ratna Kapur in “» 9 comments

Ratna Kapur responds

The students are correct in stating that there are many types of rape, mediated by caste, sexual preference, ethnicity, and religion. And there must no doubt be a multi-pronged response to gender... » 2 comments
SHAKING SOCIETY’S CONSCIENCE: It is important for women to raise their collective voice, but it should be for all women and all victims of the violence embedded in our society. Photo: S. R. Raghunathan

Let’s ask how we contribute to rape

As I write this, there are protests going on all over Delhi, and in other parts of the country, against the gang-rape of a young woman on a moving bus a few days ago in the city. People are out th... »   30 comments

Time to be ashamed

Perhaps the real tragedy we must contemplate, as we consider the story of the young woman who now lies in a Delhi hospital bed battling for her life after being brutally beaten and gang-raped Sund... » 70 comments