Top outfits comfortably entered the final stages of the competitions in the 10th annual SSN Trophy all-India inter-collegiate sports festival organised by the SSN College of Engineering on Thursday.

An upset of sorts, however, occurred in tennis where third seed Vivekananda went down to St. Joseph’s College by two matches to nil.

In basketball SSN succumbed to Jeppiaar Institute of Technology 53-20, while Sathyabama, a top draw in this discipline, prevailed over Hindustan University 59-57.

In chess, SSN led the table with six points.

The results:

Men: Basketball: Sathyabama 59 (Sidheek 16) bt Hindustan 57 (Gopi 20); Jeppiaar Institute of Technology 53 (Arun 13) bt SSNCE 20; Presidency 41 (Rajeev 13, Jyotheesh 11) bt AMET 35 (Leo Roy 14); Kerala Varma 58 ( Unaine 30) bt CEG 47 (Goutham 20).

Badminton: Quarterfinals: SSN bt Hindustan 3-0; MLSU (Udaipur) bt St. Joseph’s 3-0; 3-0; Hindustan University bt University of Mauritius 3-0.

Table Tennis:

Quarterfinals: KL University bt Easwari 3-1; SSN A bt CEG 3-0; SA Engineering bt PSNA 3-0.

Tennis: Sairam bt MIT 2-0; SSN A bt CEG 2-0; St. Joseph’s bt Vivekananda 2-0.

Chess: PSNA vs St. Joseph’s 2-2; SSN bt CEG 2.5-1.5; Satyabama bt Velammal 3.5-0.5.


Basketball: SBN Jain 39 (Sindhuri 20) bt Paavai Engineering 30; Nandha Arts 38 (Gomathi 16) bt Stella Maris 20; SBM Jain 26 bt PSGR Krishnammal 25 (Anushya 14); St. Joseph’s bt Stella Maris 47-23.

Badminton: KL University (Vijaywada) bt Hindustan University 2-0; Stella Maris bt PSNA 2-0; SSN bt Rajalakshmi Engineering 2-0; VNR VIJET (Hyderabad) bt St. Francis (Hyderabad) 2-0.

Table Tennis:

Quarterfinals: SSN A bt IGCET 3-0; Ethiraj bt Velammal 3-1; Stella Maris bt Hindustan 3-0.

Tennis: semifinals: SBM Jain (Bangalore) bt St. Francis 2-0; Stella Maris bt SVCE 2-0.


SportsMay 14, 2012

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