A new association is making waves in the State circuit

The Karnataka Tennis Players Parents Association, was formed early this year and began spreading its wings with a series of tournaments, training camps and league matches in Bangalore. The Association is made up of parents of youngsters, who often go on National circuit events,

Explaining the objectives of the KTPPA, president Menaka Loganadan, says “The main purpose of this organisation is to promote junior tennis and to give children more exposure to learn and grow. One of our key goals is to bring higher level tournaments to Karnataka.”

Getting started was not easy. It began in November 2012, with an informal meeting at the Topspin Academy and was followed by series of meetings to identify the goals of the Association and electing a committee. The Association was formally registered on January 23.

The Secretary, Narasimha Murthy, says “we have conducted two championship series tournaments (Under 14/16 and Under 16/18) as well as the first AITA Under-10 tournament in Karnataka. We organised two league matches where the member’s kids got a chance to play a minimum of four to five round robin matches against each other. We organised a mental training talk by Shyamal Vallabhjee, who has worked with Mahesh Bhupathi and the Indian cricket team. We also conducted a fitness camp with Lionel, a gold medallist in Nationals in the 200 metres sprint.”

Parents faced difficulties such as travelling across Bangalore to sign in for tournaments and checking up about draws and match timings. That has been taken care of, thanks to technology.

Online ease

KTPPA now has a website, katppa.wordpress.com giving all the details. Sign-in fees too can paid through the site. It has won praise from users and each tournament conducted by KTPPA had received close to 250 entries. The organisation has found it difficult to get courts and sponsorships. The KSLTA has provided courts for the tournaments, but KSLTA courts have restricted timings due to coaching camps and the need for KSLTA Club House members to use the courts as well.

Often, KTPPA is forced to rent courts from multiple centres and it becomes a scheduling and logistical nightmare to finish the tournaments on time.

“Even though there are several large training centres in Bangalore, it is hard to get them to lend us their courts for tournaments. It would be nice if each one of them would provide their facilities to us free of cost for one or two weeks in the year so we can conduct more tournaments,’’ says Murthy.