Andy Murray was trying to think his way out of a crisis after stalling in a third straight Wimbledon semifinal on Friday and taking a 5-7, 6-2, 6-2, 6-4 loss to exit another year at Wimbledon.

“It’s been a good tournament, but I think it could have been better today,” said the Scot whose defeat leaves the host nation without a men’s title for 75 years. “I wish I didn’t make as many mistakes afterwards.”

Murray played aggressive, attacking tennis against Nadal. But winning the first set did not help the fourth seed, who then lost the next three in the three-hour battle with the top-seed.

“Sometimes I’ve come off the court and thought, ‘Hmm, maybe I should have taken a few more chances’,” said Murray. “Then today it’s kind of the other way. I went for it and started making mistakes. It was good for a set and a little bit, and then went the other way.

“But the tournament as a whole has been good. I would have liked to have finished better.” Murray said he momentarily felt a hip injury he suffered this week, but then it went away after treatment on court.

“My hip was sore like right at the beginning of the match. After I saw the physio, took like a painkiller, it was fine. I hardly felt my hip after that.” And he could barely find words to describe the hurricane, which is Nadal on a good day.

“Even when he’s not hitting the ball unbelievable from the middle of the court, he gets to a lot of balls, makes you play an extra ball all the time. “Today, after the first set and a half, when I started making mistakes, he raised his game and started playing better and capitalised on it. “It’s tough. But, you know, I’m giving it my best shot each time.

I’m trying my hardest. That’s all you can do. So I don’t know. It’s a difficult question to answer. I can’t explain exactly how I feel — I’m disappointed.”

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