With 62 million dollars and counting — and that’s only official prize money — Roger Federer is regularly breaking new ground on the economic side of tennis.

But like any well-off and discreet Swiss, the biggest all-time earner in the sport is giving little away about his obviously robust financial health.

“We put it in the banks, that’s what we do. And we sit on top of it. Then we’ll see later on what we do with it,” said the four-time Australian Open champion as he deflected a cheeky post-match query from a European blogger.

“Yeah, I’m not going to tell you, no, sorry.” While it’s hard to deny that Federer has made more from the game than could rightfully be imagined, the 16-time Grand Slam champion is also trying constantly to give something back.

“I never expected myself to earn so much money,” Federer admitted. “This is where I always thank the older generation for all their hard work where prize money wasn’t so high yet.

“But they were doing it basically for the love of the game because that’s what it was. I like the history of the game, and this is why also I respect all the legends so much.

“I didn’t start playing tennis to make a living out of it. It was just more living a dream, trying, because you knew, OK, you could make a bit of money. Maybe that could help you travel, and then you go from there.

“I hope that in 20 years, 50 years it’s going to be even more incredible, the game of tennis. I know how lucky I have become. That’s why for me it’s absolutely normal to give back with my foundation, and wherever I can help. I try to do my best.”

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