Roger Federer says the worst is over for his “good friend” Tiger Woods and hopes to see him back on the golf course, according to local media reports.

“Tiger is a good friend of mine,” Federer told The Gulf News. “What’s happened to him has been hard to watch over the last three months, right down to when he made his apology. I am sure he’s headed in a better direction now. The worst has passed.”

On Friday, a sombre and composed Woods faced the world for the first times since he crashed his car into a tree outside his family home three months ago, setting off shocking allegations of rampant extramarital relationships.

He admitted he cheated on his wife, said he was “deeply sorry,” but did not say if and when he will play golf again.

Federer was in the Gulf city-state to play in the Dubai Championships. He pulled out of the $2 million tournament because of a lung infection on Sunday.

Federer said hoped to return at Indian Wells from March 11, but made no promises.

He did say he’s like to see Woods back playing golf soon.

“It’s been hard to watch from far away, but I would love to see him back on the golf course,” Federer was quoted as saying. “It’s what he does best.”

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