Welcome to the live updates of the first semifinal between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the 4th edition of the Twenty20 World Cup.

Thats all from us here. Join us for the second semifinal tomorrow between Australia and West Indies at 7 p.m. IST.

Sri Lanka are through to their second consecutive World T20 final. A splendid bowling performance. Herath justified his selection. Did Pakistan miss the extra batsman? or was it that last over by Gul where he conceded 16?..... Eitherways, Lanka wont care.. They are into the final!

19.6: Lanka win by 16 runs.. Pakistan finish on 123

19:5: Four.... A bit too late !

19.4: No no-balls and no free hits, Sri Lanka are through !

19.3: One run

19.2: Yorker !. Now pakistan need four sixers

19.1: No run...23 more of five balls

Pakistan need 23 off the last over. Umar Akmal on strike... Kulasekara needs to bowl an exceptionally bad over for Lanka to lose this one!

19th over: But for the run out chance, it has been a brilliant over by Malinga. Concedes just 4. Finishes his quota. 4 overs for 19. 117 for 7.

Umar Gul could have been run out there...Escapes by a whisker... Malinga the culprit. Malinga has now dropped a catch and fluffed a run out chance.

Malinga to bowl the 19th over.

18th over: Two twos off the first two balls. wicket off the third... Can Gul and Akmal repeat their antics? 27 needed off 12...

Umar Gul is in....

Wicket ! Tanvir is stumped.. Tries to heave Mendis over mid wicket... Misses and is out. With Umar at the other end, did he have to do that? 113 for 7

17th over: 7 runs of the over. Sohail Tanvir scores a boundary. 108 for 6. 32 needed from 18 balls.

A bit of a controversy here.. Umar Akmal wanted to change his gloves.. But the umpire didnt allow it. But he still goes ahead and does it !. Taufel is not happy !

16th over: Pakistan reach 100. Nine runs off this over. 39 runs off 24 needed. 101 for 6

Its upto Umar Akmal now. Can Gul do what he did against South Africa? For now its Sohail Tanvir who has come in..

15th over: This could just be the over Sri Lanka needed. Two wickets. Herath finishes with 3 for 25 off 4 overs. 92 for 6 !

Pakistan look doomed. Herath on a hat-trick !

Afridi gone first ball !. Bowled by Herath! Six down. 81 for six!

Wicket !. Down the pitch goes Hafeez. The ball keeps low. Sangakkara doesnt miss the stumping. Herath is delighted. Hafeez out for 42. A key wicket. . 91 for five

14th over: Umar Akmal does his bit now. Steers the ball behind point for a four. A short delivery by Mendis. Eight runs off the over. 91 for 4.

13th over: A boundary of the first delivery. Great start to the over by Hafeez. The third ball goes for a six. Just managed to clear the long off fielder. Pakistan need 57 more from 42. 83 for 4.

12th over: Seven runs off the over. Hafeez is still there. 69 more needed off 48 balls. 71 for 4

Dropped !. Malinga floors a dolly at long on. Will it prove costly?...Hafeez survives..

Umar Akmal is in. 76 needed off 54 balls.

11th over: Wicket !. Herath bowls a beauty. Shoaib Malik is bowled. Pitched on the middle and it hits the off stump. Pakistan is in big trouble. 64 for four. Six runs off the over.

10th over: A hugely successful over for Lanka. Mathews pick two wickets and concedes three. Pakistan need 82 off the last ten overs. 58 for three

Shoaib Malik comes to the crease ! Pakistan is in a spot of bother

Another wicket ! Kamran Akmal goes for one. Yet another slower one from Mathews. Jayawardene takes the catch. 57 for three

Wicket ! Nasir Lamshed out leg before. It was a slower one from Mathews. 55 for 2

9th over: Herath bowls his first over and does reasonably well. No boundaries. Concedes seven. Pakistan are scoring at just over 6. 55 for one

8th over: Pakistan score nine of Mendis' over. A lovely shot by Hafeez over cover for four to finish the over. 48 for one. They need 92 more off 12 overs.

7th over: Hafeez hits the first ball for four. A classy straight drive. Lofts the next straight. Dropped at long on ! Tough for Herath. Chance of a run out off the fifth delivery. The third umpire rules it not out and Hafeez is safe. 39 for one.

Nasir Jamshed is the next batsman in

6th over: This is brilliant bowling by Lanka. Two dots to start and Dilshan saves a certain bounday off the third. A bounday of the fifth and a wicket off the last delivery. Imran Nazir bowled by Mendis for 20. Unlucky to have dragged the ball onto his stumps. 31 for one

5th over: More slower ones from Malinga... Concedes just two. 26 for no loss.

4th over: An excellent over by Kulasekara. Just two off it. 24 for no loss

3rd over: Malinga bowls four wides down the leg side. These are easy runs for Pakistan. An over full of slower balls from Malinga. An appeal for lbw off the fifth. Not out ! No run off the last delivery. An excellent over apart from those five extra runs. 22 for no loss

2nd over: Three dot balls to start. Imran tries to slog. But doesnt connect any. Next up, Kulasekara bowls two wides down the leg side. A boundary off the fourth ball. Opened the face of the bat and guided it fine towards third man. Run out chance off the last ball of the over. A direct hit by Kulasekara and Hafeez would have been out. But it was not to be. 15 for no loss.

Nuwan Kulasekara to bowl from the other end.

1st over: Imran Nazir slashes hard. Dilshan at backward point put a hand out. But the ball didnt stick. 2 runs. An excellent shot over cover off the backfoot follows. Boundary. Single of the last ball. Pakistan 8 for no loss.

Welcome back !. Angela Mathews to bowl Sri Lanka's first over..

Pakistan need 140 to win. Sri Lanka would have liked 20 more runs. But Pakistan is a batsman short. No Razzaq. Join us for the chase in a while !

20th over: A good start to the over. Mathews scores a boundary towards third man. A single of the second. Thisara Perera sends the third straight back over the bowlers head. A boundary. Another four. This time over the head of the mid-off fielder. A high full toss on the fifth ball. A single. Two runs to end the innings. 16 off the final over. Three boundaries in the over. 139 for 4

Gul to bowl the last over..

19th over: Lanka havent scored a bounday for two and half overs now. Just five singles from the over. Fantastic bowling by Ajmal.. 123 for 4.

19th over: Wicket !!. Jeeven Mendis is stumped off Ajmal. 118 for 4

A brilliant 18th over by Gul. Just three off it. A superb yorker to finish it ! 117 for 3

18th over: Wicket !! Gul does indeed get a wicket !. Dilshan is out. leg before. Tried to play across the line. It was a fullish delivery !

18th over: Gul get Mendis.. leg before... Shuffled across and played across the line! Oh.... Its a no-ball ! Free hit !

Dilshan looks all set to bat through this innings here !

17th over: Two singles off the first two balls. Third goes for four. Short delivery by Ajmal. Easy for Dilshan. A single and two dot balls to end the over !. 114 for 2

16th over: Gul does well ! seven off the over. No boundaries. What is Dilshan doing? 28 off 37. 107 for 2

He came to bowl only in the 18th over in Pakistan's last game. Comes in a bit early here. Umar Gul to bowl the 16th !

15th over: A reverse slog sweep by Mendis. Goes for four over extra cover. Three more singles in the over. Pakistan wont mind this at all. 100 for two

14th over: Finally Dilshan scores a boundary.. Puts away an easy full toss. No runs off the the fourth and the fifth deliveries. The sixth goes for two. 93 for two. Lanka need some big overs here.

Jeevan Mendis comes in to bat. Afridi to bowl his last.

13th over: After having watched Mahela play his patented shot, the scoop, Dilshan now tries the reverse sweep like Mahela. Picks a single. Sangakkara beaten off the next delivery. Pakistan appeal for a stumping. Not out ! Fifth ball: Sangakkara runs down the pitch and hits one high into the air.... and he is caught by Shoaib Malik ! Sangakkara out ! Hafeez takes the wicket. 85 for 2

12th over: A boundary to start off the over. Sangakkara pushes the second down to long off. A fumble by the fielder. Snatches a two. A gorgeous shot over the head of extra cover follows. Another boundary for Sangakkara. The last two deliveries go for singles. Dilshan finally rotating the strike. 80 for one.

11th over: A great start for Sangakkara. Starts with a boundary. No runs off the last two balls. Dilshan survives a leg before shout. The ball was probably going down the leg side. 68 for one.

11th over: Wicket !! Mahela goes ! Afridi strikes. Tried to scoop,... but went straight to short fine leg.

At the half way stage Sri Lanka havent lost a wicket. But have scored just 62. They need to up the scoring rate here.

10th over: A possible run out off the first delivery. Mahela makes it. Two more shots behind the wicket. One on the leg side and one on the off. Two doubles. A beautiful shot off the final ball. Over the bowlers's head. 62 for no loss

9th over: Dilshan picks a double.. Takes a single and Mahela on strike. He tries to be cheeky again. Misses. He lofts Afridi over extra cover for a four. 53 for no loss.

8th over: Tight over by Ajmal. Just four off it. 44 for no loss.

Dilshan needs to score here. He seems to be struggling..

7th over: Afridi seems to be getting some wicked bounce. But Lankan batsman negotiate safely. The third ball, and Mahela at it again. Reverse sweep ! Another four. 40 for no loss.

Afridi comes to bowl.

6th over: First delivery by Ajmal and it goes for four past short fine leg. Mahela tries to reverse sweep the second. Both the batsman and the keeper are beaten here. 2 byes. He seems to be trying to score all his runs behind the wicket. Tries to guide the ball past point. Doesn't come off. Tries the reverse sweep again and this time he succeeds. Four to end the over. 34 for no loss.

Saaed Ajmal into the attack !

5th over: Mahela beaten again by Tanvir off the first delivery. Was looking to run it down to third man. Mahela takes a single. Dilshan tries to cut and misses. Dilshan edges the final delivery. A diving Akmal unable to latch on to it. Two runs. Lanka 24 for now loss. A reprieve for Dilshan. Good effort by Akmal

4th over: Mahela sweeps the third delivery and sweeps well for a boundary. Two more singles in the over. Lanka 20 for no loss.

3rd over: A beautiful delivery by Sohail. Mahela beaten and he edges the next to third man for a single. Two dot balls and Dilshan picks a single of the last delivery. Good over for Pakistan. Dilshan is now 5 off 10 deliveries. Lanka 14 for no loss.

2nd over: Lanka pick seven runs off the first three deliveries. Hasan come back to finsh the over well. Three dot ball. Lanka 12 for no loss

Raza Hasan is all set to take over from the other end.

1st over: Sohail starts off by slanting one outside off stump. Mahela despatches the second ball for a four towards square leg. A diving effort by Umar Gul notwithstanding. A single ensues. Dilshan is beaten off the last delivery. Its 5 without loss at the end of the over.

Sohail Tanvir will open the proceedings for Pakistan

Out come the Sri Lankan batsmen. Mahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan.

Sri Lanka are playing their first game at the Premadasa stadium in this competition. The pitch has traditionally supported the spinners. Jayawardene will be hoping for the same in the second half of the match,

Both the teams are out on the field for the national anthems

Rangana Herath comes in place of Akila Dananjaya for Lanka and Sohail Tanvir takes the place of Abdul Razzaq for Pakistan.

The final XI are

Sri Lanka team

DPMD Jayawardene, TM Dilshan, KC Sangakkara, AD Mathews, BMAJ Mendis, HDRL Thirimanne, NLTC Perera, KMDN Kulasekara, SL Malinga, HMRKB Herath, BAW Mendis

Pakistan team

Mohammad Hafeez, Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Umar Akmal, Shahid Afridi, Umar Gul, Sohail Tanvir, Saeed Ajmal, Raza Hasan

Sri Lanka has won the toss and elected to bat first in the first semifinal against Pakistan.

Let us have a look at what they have done at the Super Eight stages. Sri Lanka had won all the matches in the Super Eight stage. But Pakistan had won two and lost against its arch-rivals India in the Super Eight stage

Here we are once again for the live updates of the first semifinal between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

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