SSN College of Engineering chalked up a 52-28 victory over KL University in the basketball event as the 10th annual SSN Trophy sports festival began at the College premises on Tuesday.

The host’s ‘B’ teams in tennis and table tennis also chalked up wins on the opening day, over SRMC and CEG.

The results:

Men: Basketball: SSN beat KL University (AP) 52-28; CEG beat Velammal 42-32; GRD beat Ponjesly 60-30.

Badminton: AMET beat Meenakshi 3-0; Kalasalingam beat AIHT 3-0; St. Joseph’s beat Tagore Engineering College 3-1;

Table tennis: SSN B beat SRMC 3-0; CEG beat Sairam 3-2; AMET beat ANJAC 3-0; TCE, Madurai beat AM Jain 3-0;

Tennis: SSN B beat CEG 2-0; SRMC beat TCE Madurai 2-0; MIT beat Eswari 2-0;

Women: Basketball: Paavai beat Indira College of Engineering 57-12; WCC beat SRMC 18-02

Badminton: VNR VJIET beat Srimathi Indira Gandhi College 2-0; Meenakshi Engineering beat IGCET 2-0; Hindustan beat Agni College 2-0.

Table Tennis: Stella Maris beat SRMC 3-0; SSN A beat PSNA Dindugal 3-0; SSN B beat Agni 3-0; PSNA beat Hindustan 3-0.

Tennis: SBM beat SVCE 2-0.


SportsMay 14, 2012

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