War Horse pleased when the horses were exercised here on Friday (March 7) morning.

Inner sand:

600m: Dreams R Mine (Sandeep Jadhav) 39. Pressed.

800m: Ice Beauty (app) 53, 600/39. Pushed.

1000m: War Horse (Sandeep Jadhav), Blue Ace (rb) 1-4, 600/39. Former finished six lengths ahead.

Outer sand:

800m: Naughty Forty (rb), Arabian Fighter (rb) 55, 600/41. Former ended three lengths in front. Scarlet Of Hope (P.Naidu) Spades (C.S.Jodha), 52, 600/38. Former was a length superior. Godspeed (Neeraj), Flyingangel (S.N.Chavan) 53, 600/40. Former ended two lengths in front. Hidden Goodness (Trevor) 51,600/38. Pressed. Red Fort (rb) 54, 600/41. Moved freely. Targetmaster (Dashrath) 54, 600/41. Moved fluently. Blue Swallow (rb), Roublesha (Ashad Asbar)53, 600/39. Former was urged to end level. Advance To Contact (Dharmendar), Unchesrawa (Prasad) 51, 600/37. They moved neck and neck freely.

1000m: Beyond Intensity (app), A bay filly (Chevalier/Leit Motif) (Pasha) 1-8, 600/41. They moved freely. Made To Measure (Rupesh), Reckless (Shelar) 1-7,600/40. They finished level freely. Fast Lady (Dashrath), Jaggerbomb (rb) 1-8, 600/39. Former moved well and finished a length in front. Fire Engine (Shelar)1-9, 600/41. Moved well.1200m: Manyatta (app), Rewarding Desire (Pasha) 1-21, 600/39. They moved neck and neck freely. Aelctar (Trevor) 1-20, 600/42. Pushed. Last Chance(Hamir) 1-21, 600/42. Responded well. Vixen (C.S.Jodha) 1-22, 600/41. Moved well.1400m: Dancing Splendour (Pasha), Marcos (Trevor) 1-34, 600/42. They were urged and finished level.

Gate practice — noted on the inner sand:

1000m: Great Deal (Nikhil) 1-9, 600/41. Moved freely. Rising Angel (rb) 1-11, 600/42. Easy. A bay gelding (Senure/Zillion Figlia) (rb), Chlobud (rb) 1-10,600/44. Pair easy. Rapid Girl (Akshay), Just My Style (D.A.Naik), 1-11, 600/43. Former finished three lengths ahead. Soul Speak (Dashrath), Khaleefa (Sandeep Jadhav) and Spanish Saga (S.K.Jadhav) 1-7, 600/42. Soul Speak and Khaleefa finished five lengths ahead.

Mock race noted on March 6 (race track):

1200m: King Glorieux (Pasha), Attraction (D.K. Ashish), Candid Smile (app) and Aurnia (app) 1-15, 600/37. Won by Sh, Dist, Nk. King Glorieux went start to finish and won. Attraction covered good ground on the outside and finished close second.

Second mock race:

1200m: Ghalib (S.N.Chavan), Double O Seven (R.K.Mahesh) 1-15, 600/38. Won by head.

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