Titan worked well when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday morning (Sept. 30).

Sand track

600m: Shodaan (Kamlesh) 41. Easy. Classic Spirit (C.S.Jodha) 41.5. Easy. A grey filly (Inhabitant-Arcade) (S.Kamble), Here Comes The Don (rb) 38. Former is a 2-y-o and finished four lengths ahead. Adallia (Srinath) 41. Easy. Brilliant Moon (Baria), Sacred Relic (D.A.Naik) 41. They were easy. Catalyst (rb) 38.5. Moved well. Yourethetouch (D.A.Naik) 38. Moved freely. A bay colt (China Visit-Blue Ridge) (Jethu), a bay gelding (Razeen-Anagram) (Merchant) 39.5. They are 2-y-o’s and ended level. A bay colt (Razeen-Subsonic) (Jethu), a bay colt (Razeen-Starry Scene) (Merchant) 41. Both are 2-y-o’s and ended level. Ijlal (F.Irani) 41. Easy.

800m: Aurora Aurealis (Kharadi) 56, 600/41. Easy. Kalinga Star (Kharadi), Cavaradosi (M.Narredu) 55, 600/41. They finished level. Dybukk (M.Narredu) 56, 600/41. Easy. Track Thunder (rb) 52, 600/38.5. Moved well. Fragrances (Jethu), Orada (Merchant) 56, 600/40.5. Pair easy. El Tropico (I.Chisty), Oyster Blue (Shelar) 55, 600/39.5. They finished level freely. Persian Power (Pradeep) 55, 600/41. Moved freely. Beau Monde (S.Kamble) 50.5, 600/38. Chanakya (S.Nayak), River Warrior (D.K.Ashish) 54, 600/40. Both were level. Titan (H.G.Rathod), Avec Plaisir (S.N.Chavan) 49.5, 600/38. Former moved well and they finished level. River Divine (Shelar), Oyster Princess (S.Nayak) 52.5, 600/39.5. They were urged and ended level. Krug (Parmar), Set Alight (Kharadi) 55.5, 600/42.5. Pair easy. Ariela (S.N.Chavan), Jade (H.G.Rathod) 52, 600/39. Former ended three lengths in front. Empress Of India (Kharadi) 52.5, 600/40. Moved well. A bay filly (Namid-La Pieta) (S.Chinoy), Crème De La Crème (H.G.Rathod) 52, 600/39. Former is a 2-y-o and they finished level. Zippity Zip (I.Shaikh), Hammerhead (S.Sunil) 51, 600/39. They were urged and former ended two lengths in front. Naseebdar (Merchant) 55.5, 600/41. Easy. Super King (H.G.Rathod) 53.5, 600/40. Moved freely. Siooux Chief (S.Sunil), El Bunduq (I.Shaikh) 54, 600/38. They moved neck and neck freely.

1,000m: Flaming Arrow (Jethu) 1-10, 600/42.5. Good. Pepe Junior (Ikram) 1-8, 800/53, 600/40. Moved well. Torrential (Srinath), Fire Streak (Merchant) 1-9, 800/53.5, 600/40.5. They moved well. Mythical (S.Sunil) 1-7, 600/40. Moved well.

1,200m: Talk Of The Town (Srinath), Desert Queen (I.Chisty) 1-25, 600/41. They ended level. Saints N Sinners (Ikram) 1-23, 800/53, 600/39. Moved well. Saarah (Shailesh), Tommy Carmichael (T.S.Jodha) 1-24.5, 600/42. Both were pushed and ended level. Floods Of Fortune (Kharadi), Phenomenale (Parmar) 1-25, 1,000/1-10, 600/41.5. They moved level freely.

Gate practice (Sand track)

1,000m: Cosmopolitan (C.S.Jodha) 1-8, 600/41. Pushed. Arabian Empire (Rupesh) 1-11, 800/55, 600/42.5. Moved freely. Slickkit (rb) 1-10, 600/41. Moved freely. Black Falcon (N.Alam), Vence (rb) 1-7.5, 600/42. Former ended four lengths in front. Emerald Star (Pereira), Canton Caper (D.S.Rathore) 1-8.5, 600/42.5. Former ended six lengths in front. Born Destiny (rb) 1-10, 800/54, 600/41. Urged.

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