Sumo ridden by C.S.Jodha won the Sir Rahimtoola Chinoy Trophy, the main event of the races held here on Thursday. The winner is owned by Mr. & Mrs. Mohan Thakur, M/s. Shagun Thakur & Shikhar Thakur. Adhirajsingh Jodha trains the winner.

1. GRAND PASSION PLATE DIV.II (1,000m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Declared null and void. Soon after the race punters staged a demonstration near the paddock and cried foul about jockey Tushar Nemane’s riding on the first favourite Celsius, who finished second to Fairy Queen. Immediately the Stewards enquiry was held into the running of the race. It was observed that Celsius who was first favourite went start to finish and in the last 100m the jockey had not taken any efforts on his mount and lost the race by a half a length. Trainer Imtiaz Sait and the owner of Celsius were also present during the enquiry and were not satisfied with the riding of T.Nemane.

When asked Senior Stipe of RWITC, Mr. Pradyumna Singh, said that “The Stewards also observed that in this race three horses were in betting, Celsius, Heavenly Prize and Fairy Queen and the third named won, hence the Stewards have further instructed the Stipes to also open an enquiry into the running and riding of the second favourite Heavenly Prize who they felt was also not ridden judiciously by M.A.Roushan and finished fourth. The Stewards after referring the rule book no. 31-A, declared the race null and void. They also suspended Tushar Nemane with immediate effect till further enquiry”.

2. NYAYO PLATE (1,600m), Cl. V, rated 01 to 26: Song Of Praise (Sandesh) 1, Queen’s Camp (Trevor) 2, Oriental Sapphire (Zervan) 3 and Daredevil (J.Chinoy) 4. 1, 2-3/4, Nk. 1m 39.06s. Rs. 132 (w), 26, 11 and 15 (p). SHP: Rs. 33, FP: Rs. 755, Q: Rs. 170, Tanala: Rs. 780 and Rs. 334. Favourite: Queen’s Camp. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Mohan Thakur and M/s. Shagun Thakur & Shikhar Thakur. Trainer: Faisal Abbas.

3. GRAND PASSION PLATE DIV.I (1,000m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Josephine (Sandesh) 1, Endless Horizon (Trevor) 2, Astromia (P.Naidu) 3 and Crrisp (I.Shaikh) 4. 2-1/2, Nk, 1-3/4. 59.44s. Rs. 17 (w), 10, 16 and 15 (p). SHP: Rs. 38, FP: Rs. 28, Q: Rs. 61, Tanala: Rs. 93 and Rs. 30. Favourite: Josephine. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Vijay B.Shirke and Mr. Berjis Minoo Desai. Trainer: M.K.Jadhav.

4. SIR RAHIMTOOLA CHINOY TROPHY (1,600m), Cl. II, rated 60 to 86: Sumo (C.S.Jodha) 1, Ambrosia (Trevor) 2, An Acquired Taste (Sandesh) 3 and Red Baron (Liam Jones) 4. 1-1/2, 2, 3-1/4. 1m 35.74s. Rs. 78 (w), 22 and 13 (p). SHP: Rs. 29, FP: Rs. 239, Q; Rs. 50, Tanala; Rs. 180 and Rs. 50. Favourite: An Acquired Taste. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Mohan Thakur and M/s. Shagun Thakur & Shikhar Thakur. Trainer: Adhirajsingh Jodha.

5. J.V.SHUKLA – ASHWAMITRA TROPHY (1,200m), Cl. III, rated 40 to 66: Sharaarat (Sandesh) 1, Rising Power (Sandeep Jadhav) 2, Eskimo (Zervan) 3 and Bold Dancer (F.Irani) 4. 3/4, Nk, 2-3/4. 1m 11.08s. Rs. 16 (w), 13 and 19 (p). SHP: Rs. 29, FP: Rs. 30, Q: Rs. 38, Tanala: Rs 29 and Rs. 15. Favourite: Sharaarat. Owners: Ms. Tarita Shankar & Mr. Chetan S.Wakalkar rep. Sahaan Infrastructure (India) Pvt Ltd. Trainer: Dallas Todywalla.

6. STAR ADMIRAL PLATE (1,400m), Cl. IV, rated 20 to 46: Purple Patch (Sandesh) 1, Angels Tern (Liam Jones) 2, Black Pearl (D.K.Ashish) 3 and Song Dynasty (Neeraj) 4. 1-1/2, Sh, 1. 1m 24.90s. Rs. 47 (w), 15, 26 and 13 (p). SHP: Rs. 153, FP: Rs. 1,265, Q: Rs. 859, Tanala: Rs. 1,411 and Rs. 791. Favourite: Black Pearl. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Vijay B.Shirke. Trainer: M.K.Jadhav.

7. ELEGANCE PLATE (1,200m), Maiden 3-y-o only: Bullseye (Kharadi) 1, Monsieur Strauss (S.Sunil) 2, Alecto (Trevor) 3 and Lightening Thunder (Sandesh) 4. 3, 3, 2-1/4. 1m 11.66s. Rs. 20 (w), 12, 24 and 13 (p). SHP: Rs. 105, FP: Rs. 99, Q: Rs. 107, Tanala: Rs. 291 and Rs. 81. Favourite: Bullseye. Owners: Mr. & Mrs. Vijay B.Shirke, Mr. K.N.Dhunjibjoy rep. Five Stars Shipping Co Pvt and Mr. Berjis Minoo Desai. Trainer: P.Shroff.

Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs. 6,319 (40 tkts). 30 per cent: Rs. 9,26 (117 tkts); Treble: Rs. 285 (130 tkts). Super Jackpot: 70 per cent: Rs. 38,547 (2 tkts), 30 per cent: Rs. 4,720 (7 tkts).

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