Stolen Relic and Shygirl pleased when the horses were exercised here on Tuesday morning.

Inner sand

600m: Paris (Merchant), Hawaiian Princess (Rupesh) 41.5. Pair easy.

800m: All Guns Blazing (Prasad), a dark bay filly (Mr Mellon/Radical Velocity) (Pereira) 53, 600/39. Former was one length superior. Dreamliner (Pradeep), Dreamland (Shelar) 50, 600/37. Former started three lengths behind and finished level.

1,000m: Stolen Relic (T.Mahesh), Correggio (Shelar) 1-5, 800/51, 600/38. Former strode out well and finished four lengths ahead. Viva Zapata (Zervan) 1-8, 600/39. Pushed. Shygirl (Pradeep), Valorozky (Rupesh) 1-5.5, 600/38. Former moved well and finished a distance ahead.

1,200m: Endless Horizon (T.S.Jodha) 1-25, 600/45. Easy. Port Blair (Kharadi), Archimedes (Pasha) and Swashbuckler (Zervan) 1-24, 600/41. Trio moved freely.

1,400m: Mufasa (Pasha), Modus Vivendi (Zervan) and Santa Maria (Kharadi) 1-38, 1,200/1-23, 800/54.5, 600/41. They moved level freely. Cornelian (Pradeep), Machala (Rupesh) 1-34.5, 600/40. Former finished well clear.

1,800m: Oxbridge (Zervan), Montezuma (Kharadi) 2-8.5, 1,400/1-39, 600/41. Both moved level freely.

Outer sand

600m: Invincible (rb), Ethics (Kavraj) 41. Pair easy.

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