Serenity and Viva La Diva caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Monday morning (Nov 30).

Inner sand:

600m: Ratnavali (Kavraj), Bay Destiny (C.S.Jodha) 37.5. They were urged and ended level. Ocean Wish (Aadesh), Western Challenge (D.K.Ashish) 37. Former is a 2/y/o and they finished level freely. Scenic Silver (D.A.Naik) 38.5. Moved freely. Pharoah (Ranjane), Lady Black Star (I.Chisty) 39.5. They moved freely. Belligerent (Pereira) 39.5. Easy. 2/y/os Ocean Myth (rb), Ocean Treasure (D.K.Ashish) 40. They were level. Highland Warrior (D. K. Ashish) 38.5. Moved fluently.

800m: Pretty Commission (D.A.Naik) 52, 600/38. Moved well. Towering High (C. S. Jodha), Meditas Pride (rb) 53, 600/39. Both were urged and ended level. 2/y/o Serenity (R. P. Cleary), Drama Queen (rb) 49, 600/37. Former strode out well and finished four lengths ahead. Note former. Zarzaitine (S.Sunil) 49.5, 600/37. Moved well. Kite Runner (C.S.Jodha), Mgdian (Kavraj) 53, 600/38.5. Pair urged and ended level. Pillatus (rb), Strathendrick (Dashrath) 51.5, 600/38.5. They moved level freely. 2/y/os Viva La Diva (McCullagh), Sunlight (M.Fenton) 50, 600/37.5. Former easily finished four lengths ahead. Enticement (C. S.Jodha), Classic Spirit (Kavraj) 52, 600/39. They finished level freely. Ocean Sonata (Aadesh), Distant Promise (T.Mahesh) 49.5, 600/39. Both are 2/y/os and ended level.

1,000m: Blue Thunder (Zervan) 1-12.5, 600/42.5. Easy. Natouchka (Zervan) 1-9, 600/41. Moved freely. Royal Companion (Daniel Grant), Deep Purple (C.Rajendra) 1-4, 800/50, 600/37.5. Former finished three lengths ahead. Sea Shower (Pereira), Star Crusader (Hamir) 1-6, 600/39. Former moved well and finished three lengths ahead. Hugo (Daniel), Balthazaar (C.Rajendra) 1-3.5, 600/37. Former was three lengths superior. Emerald Star (Pereira), Strauss (C.Rajendra) 1-5.5, 600/40. Former superior. Sign Of Love (McCullagh) 1-11.5, 600/43. Easy. Oriental Magic (D.K.Ashish) 1-7, 600/38.5.

Outer sand:

600m: Ijlal (D.A.Naik) 39.5. Easy. National Glory (rb), Showstopper (S.Kamble) 40.5. Both are 2/y/os and were easy.

800m: Marine Zone (I.Pardeshi) 57, 600/42.5. Easy. Sol (Hanumant), Rajdoot (Shailesh) 54, 600/40. Former better.

1,000m: Track Thunder (McCullagh) 1-12.5, 600/42.5. Easy. Bee Quick (Neeraj) 1-8, 600/40. Moved well. Doi Moi (Neeraj), Takestwototango (rb) 1-5.5, 600/38.5. Former finished four lengths ahead.

1,600m: Si Como No (McCullagh) 1-54, 600/42.5. Shaped well.

Race track:

600m: Delta One (Daniel Grant), Steely Dan (rb) 35.5. Former was two lengths better. Imperio (T.Mahesh) 41. Easy. Chingari (A.Nicholls), Onus Probandi (P.Naidu) 36.5. Former finished four lengths ahead.

800m: Liberation (B.Prakash), Frost Fairy (Kapoor) 54.5, 600/40. Both are 2/y/os and ended level. Native Knight (A.Nicholls) 50, 600/36. Moved well. Roman Legion (B.Prakash), Secret Kingdom (Kapoor) 52, 600/36.5. Both are 2/y/os and finished level. El Tropico (D. K. Ashish), Ocean And Beyond (Hamir) 51.5, 600/35.5. Former moved well. Golden Heart (B. Prakash), Admirals Quest (D.Patel) 53, 600/39. Former is a 2/y/o and ended two lengths in front. Ocean Odyssey (T.Mahesh), Courage Under Fire (Aadesh) 49, 600/34.5. Former is a 2/y/o and finished three lengths ahead.

1,000m: Royal Porthcawl (rb), Delta Port (Daniel Grant) 1-9, 800/54, 600/37.5. Both moved freely. Moonstorm (T.Mahesh), Il Tabarro (Kharadi) 1-6.5, 600/37. They finished level freely. Super King (A.Nicholls), Red Tabasco (rb) 1-3.5, 800/50, 600/35. Former moved well and finished three lengths ahead. Suzy Wong (A.Nicholls) 1-3, 600/37. Moved well. Francis Of Assisi (Kharadi), Rokeby Venus (Neeraj) 1-4, 600/34. Former ended three lengths in front. Chanakya (D.K.Ashish) 1-4, 600/35. Moved well. Matata Pride (Akkshay) 1-9, 600/38. Moved feely. Pepe Junior (Ikram) 1-7, 600/37. Moved well. Saints N Sinners (R. P. Cleary) 1-6, 600/36. Moved fluently. Royal Gesture (D.K.Ashish), River Lass (Aadesh) 1-5, 800/49.5, 600/35. They moved neck and neck freely. 2/y/o Grey Phantom (A.Nicholls), Barbara (P.Naidu) 1-4, 600/35. Both were urged and former ended two lengths ahead. Orada (A.Nicholls) 1-3.5, 600/36. Moved well. Reinstate (S.Kamble), Sterling Silver (rb) and Glasson (P.Naidu) 1-6.5, 800/51.5, 600/36.5. They are 2/y/os and moved freely. River Knight

(Kapoor) 1-3, 800/49.5, 600/36. Moved attractively.

Gate practice: outer sand:

1000m: Caribbean Queen (Ruzaan), Carousel (Zervan) 1-9, 600/41. Both are 2/y/os and jumped out well. Desert Dynamite (Shammi) 1-9, 600/41. Pushed. Desert Queen (Biramne) 1-8, 600/41.5. Moved well. A bay filly (Diffident/Victory And Gold) (McCullagh), Warcraft (S. Sunil) 1-6, 800/52, 600/40. Former is a 2/y/o and moved well. 2/y/os Ocean Emperor (T. Mahesh), Ocean Warrior (D.K.Ashish) 1-8.5, 600/41. Former ended five lengths in front. Circus Ring (McCullagh), Blue Mellon (S.Sunil) 1-10, 800/54.5, 600/42.5. Both are 2/y/os and moved freely. Stardom (Shelar), Satsuma Star (Hamir) 1-10.5, 600/43. Both were easy. Royalty (McCullagh), Hurricane Heart (S.Sunil) 1-11, 600/43.5. They were easy. Alladins Treasure (rb) 54.5, 600/42.5. Easy.

Mock race noted on Nov.29. (race track)

1,400m: Versaki (McCullagh), Churchill (Kharadi), Starfall (R.P.Cleary) and Classic Ruler (Shelar) 1-26, 600/36. Won by: 5, Dist, Dist.

Second mock race:

1,200m: Excellent Story (J.Chinoy) 1-15, 600/36. Was slowly off.

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