Rosie Sunshine shone when the horses were exercised here on Saturday (Dec. 28).

Inner sand

800m: Sharaarat (Sandeep Jadhav), Pitbull (D.S.Rathore) 52.5, 600/39.5. Former who started two lengths behind was urged to end level. Former was easy. 2/y/o Shivalik Glory (Merchant), Zander (Shelar) 54, 600/41. Former ended three lengths in front. 2/y/o’s Zeda (D.S.Rathore), Ravello (Sameer) 55, 600/42. Former was one length better. 2/y/o Greek God (rb) 52, 600/38.5. Moved freely. Capilano (Trainer), Shaughnessy (rb) 55, 600/41. Former better.

1,000m: Domingo (Merchant) 1-10.5, 600/43.5. Easy. Four Star General (P.Naidu), Alectar (Trevor) 1-9, 800/54, 600/41. Both moved level freely. Fortune Hunter (Kavraj) 1-5, 800/51, 600/39. Pressed. The Ministerian (Jethu) 1-9, 600/43. Moved fluently.

1,200m: Starfire Lady (Chandrakant) 1400/200m 1-26. Easy.

Outer sand

800m: Caesars Wife (Kavraj), 2/y/o Whitesox (app) 54, 600/41. They ended level. Rosie Sunshine (Merchant) 50, 600/37. Moved attractively. Ghanghorr (rb) 52, 600/40.Pressed. 2/y/o Troppa Bella (Pasha), Sheer Romance (Chandrakant) 50.5, 600/38.5. Former was one length superior. 2/y/o Light Of Arabia (Pasha), Savage Garden (Chandrakant) 52, 600/40. They were pushed and finished level. Saina Gold (B.Nikhil), Satingo (Chandrakant) 52.5, 600/40. They were pushed and former finished four lengths ahead.

1,000m: Yuville (Hamir) 1-6.5, 800/53, 600/41. Moved well. Adams Wing (Kavraj), Walk Of Fame (app) 1-8, 600/40. Both were pushed and finished level.

1,200m: Star Of Gibraltar (Sandeep Jadhav), Zlato (J.Fortune) 1-23, 1,000/1-8, 800/54, 600/41. They moved level freely.

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