Mr. Rm. Lakshmanan’s Open Your Heart (Prem up) won the P. Shankar Cup, the main event of the races held here on Friday (November 1). R. Foley trains the winner.

The results:

1. SAPTHAGIRI PLATE (Div. I), (1,000m), maiden 2-y-o only (Terms): Miss Sophisticated (Casey) 1, Miss Acclaimed (Prem) 2, Bravesofthebrave (Kabdhar) 3 and King Calypso (M. Venkatesh) 4. 3, 2-3/4 and Nk. 1m 7.32s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley. 

2. SAPTHAGIRI PLATE (Div. II), (1,000m), maiden 2-y-o only (Terms): Marmaduke (N. Rupa) 1, Bravo King (M. Venkatesh) 2, Starlight Princess (Casey) 3 and Galloping Queen (Rajendra Singh) 4. 2-3/4, 2-1/2 and 1-1/2. 1m 9.40s. Owner: M. Meenakshi Sundram. Trainer: R. Foley.  

3. GINGEE PLATE (1,200m), rated 60 to 85: The Honorable (N. Rupa) 1, Salsa King (Rajendra Singh) 2, Wings Of Love (M. Venkatesh) 3 and True Colours (Venkatesan) 4. Not run: Tradition Style. 1-1/2, 3-1/2 and 1. 1m 18.73s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.   

4. NARIMANAM PLATE (1,000m), rated 40 to 65: Blazing Spectacle (Prem) 1, Pocket Rocket (Rajendra Singh) 2, Visionary (Casey) 3 and One More Chance (N. Rupa) 4. 2-3/4, 4-1/2 and 5. 1m 3.24s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: B. Suresh.  

5. ETTUKUDI PLATE (1,000m), 4 & 5-y-o only, rated 100 & above: Star Samurai (Casey) 1, King Atlantis (M. Venkatesh) 2, Winning Glory (Rajendra Singh) 3 adn Royal Conquest (N. Rupa) 4. 2, 1-1/4 and 1-1/2. 1m 3.89s. Owner: Mr. M. A. M. Ramaswamy. Trainer: R. Foley.  

6. WINTER CUP (1,000m), rated 20 to 45: Ocean Tern (Venkatesan) 1, Windsor Knight (C. A. Brisson) 2, Ashwa Prabir (S. S. Azad) 3 and Star Of Washington (Md. Hesnain) 4. 4-1/2, nk and 3. 1m 2.17s. Owner: Mr. Rm. Lakshmanan. Trainer: B. Suresh.  

7. P. SHANKAR CUP (1,000m), 3-y-o only, rated 100 & above: Open Your Heart (Prem) 1, Flash Of Genius (Rajendra Singh) 2, Sovereign State (M. Venkatesh) 3 and Bounty Star (Casey) 4. Nk, 5 and 2. 1m 5.49s. Owner: Mr. Rm. Lakshmanan. Trainer: R. Foley.  

8. NEPAL PLATE (Div. I), (1,200m), rated 00 to20: Disco Star (C. A. Brisson) 1, Jazzelena (Kalyan Singh) 2, Jamaican Bolt (Bopanna) 3 and Confederation (S. S. Azad) 4. Hd, 8 and nk. 1m 19.05s. Owners: M/s. A.D'Silver, A. Ganesan & V. V. Murthy. Trainer: D'Silver.  

9. NEPAL PLATE (Div. II), (1,200m), rated 00 to 20: Polynesian Pearl (Md. Hesnain) 1, Arbitrator (C. A. Brisson) 2, Chamak Challo (Ayaz Khan) 3 and Yogi Bear (Huzaif) 4. 1-1/2, 1-1/2 and 5. 1m 19.02s. Owner: Mrs. Jiby Joji. Trainer: J. Sebastian.  

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